EMP’s Made From Home – Directed Energy Weapons

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Videos that make you go hmmmmm…. First a message from the videographer: Have you ever wondered what to do with that old microwave….have you ever wanted your own electromagnetic pulse weapon…..solutions….I wonder if the second amendment meant these too….IF YOU DONT LIKE THE MUSIC WHILE READING…. TURN DOWN THE VOLUME… (language warning too!)

(Editor’s note: kids, don’t try this at home…Beforeitsnews is merely sharing information that is already on the internet. The author of this story is against ALL forms of violence unless said violence is immediately necessary to protect ones life or the lives of others upon whom a lethal attack has occurred or will be forthcoming.) What are directed energy weapons? The second video below from the US Navy and John Hutchison will fill you in.


4 thoughts on “EMP’s Made From Home – Directed Energy Weapons

  1. Hey #1, interesting article. I noticed they used Bill Hicks. For those of you
    unfamiliar with the late, great Bill Hicks, I recommend that you You Tube “Revelations” and give it listen. It’ll help you peel another layer off anyway.

    1. Well here ya go diggerdan get a load of this one! Google ‘Poor mans ray gun pdf” and download the file.This book has simple detailed instructions and goes a lot further than the above video.Using junk collected from the curb on garbage day it`s possible build a maser (not laser) type weapon that will clear a street or depopulate a building in seconds I kid you not.Play safe 😉

      Of coarse the above post is purely for entertainment purposes and I DO NOT recommend you build the damn thing.

      1. Well thank you very much Saul Goodman. I will check this out. And I will be careful if I do decide to dabble with things like this. Thanks again. :}

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