NRA Urges Members to Attend Virginia Senate Meeting, Drown Out Gun Grabbers

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is urging its members to attend a January 13, 2020, Senate meeting and let their pro-gun voices be heard.

The NRA sent Breitbart News a press release saying:

[January 13 is] NRA Lobby Day in Richmond. NRA Grassroots is inviting members and supporters to come to the Capitol to meet with their lawmakers to share the facts about the Northam Gun Confiscation scheme and to make their opposition known.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that NRA spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen made clear one of the main goals is to have NRA members “appear at the first meeting of the Virginia Senate’s Courts of Justice,” which is on January 13.

That same day, the NRA plans a news conference with key legislators, like Del. Todd Gilbert (R) and Sen. Mark Obenshain (R). Others will  also take part in the presser with the goal of “testifying against the Northam gun confiscation scheme.”

On December 18, 2019, Breitbart News reported that 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties had declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries to make clear they do not intend to enforce any new gun controls passed by the incoming Democrat majority.

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4 thoughts on “NRA Urges Members to Attend Virginia Senate Meeting, Drown Out Gun Grabbers

  1. Related:

    A couple of months ago when I was lamenting the lack of areas for shooting practice available to me, Henry offered this advice:

    “Any kind of practice is better than no practice at all. You can purchase air-soft pistols and rifles made to simulate your real weapon in weight and size. If you have a basement you can buy yourself a couple of bags of plastic army men and hone your skills. Spike had one set up in his basement. I had a few of the air-soft guns and I would just sit here in my chair having set the army men up all over my living room. Do wear safety glasses by all means. It is aiming and shooting, and the plastic BBs don’t hurt your vacuum cleaner. Of course we picked up as many as we could find.”

    Well, I bought one on ebay ($45.00, free shipping) and yesterday my air-soft pistol came in the mail. Wow, like Henry said, looks and feels quite real. The link below shows what I purchased but I don’t understand what they mean by “350.” Can anyone explain? Soon I will get the co2 cartridges so I can start to practice. I wonder how many shots one cartridge allows. Well, at least I’m makin’ a start. Here’s the 5 min vid. In my opinion, this thing is really beautiful. Thanks, Henry!!

    Today I’ll look for plastic army men. Ha! Whoever would have thought I’d be on such a search. 🙂


  2. The NRA organized this only after dropping the ball behind the Virginia Citizens Defense League. This is their desperate attempt to stay relevant and funded, and they refuse to cooperate with grassroots state gun organizations in calling all NRA members to gather with everyone else on Jan. 20th in Richmond. All they want you to do is send them money so they can continue to fund LaPierre’s suits and mansions while negotiating your rights away in DC. They have been in the swamp so long that they have become part of it, they are controlled opposition.

    F!@k the NRA.

  3. If they REALLY wanted to be “relevant” and true they’d put out a statement that none needs permission to exercise his or her Second Article. It’s a birthright. And to further that, if they want to be extra super-duper “relevant” they might get a conscience and start speaking of and working for The Bill of Rights.
    I agree with you, “Fl@k the NRA,” but relevancy will not come from them joining in to beg the oppressors to grant what’s already ours.


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