19 thoughts on “Obama at Correspondents Dinner: “The End of the Republic Never Looked Better”

    1. It’s my understanding that in order to be a traitor you have to first be a citizen. Don’t think Obombya is a traitor to the US.

  1. The amount of disgust that I feel when I look at him or hear him speak cannot be measured. What a piece of filth. The end of the republic never looked better???? I’m so angry, I have no words! Well I do, but they would be laced with profanity. I need to hit something! I’m going to do some house work to ease the rage. Not that it will help…

    1. I agree he makes me want to puke! I hate his faggot ass.. The end, I would love for him and his trans wife Michael to end.

  2. It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings! If these son’s of bitches think they’re going to do this without firing a shot, they got a rude awakening when they make their move. They may think they got all their “ducks in a row” except they forgot one. We’re still armed! Are you gonna hand yours in upon demand? “From my cold, dead fingers!”

    It’s “May Day” for the republic!

  3. The end of the RepublicANS (and Democraps) will never look better, jewb#tch scumbag!

    Your neck will never look better than with a rope around it, either!

  4. He should never be allowed to leave this country
    He needs to be trapped right here in the hell hes helped create

    And his address and every location should be known to everyone every minuet of every day
    And publicized so he’s aware his every move is being tracked

    And those that paid to put him in this position
    Need to be in the same situation

  5. I’d propose his new address to be in Fort Leavenworth Kansas, where he spends the rest of his days busting big ones into little ones. Military prisons are no picnicking.

  6. I watched about 3/4ths. of his speech and believe “The end of the Republic” statement was purely in jest, and was addressing many Americans concerns that he is destroying the rule of law, which a Republic is based upon.

    His speech was basically a stand up comedy show.

      1. Neither am I. The many people such as Cher and Will Smith were sure enjoying the show.

        As I watched the pan through the audience, I kept thinking ,”Wow, so many enemies gathered in place.”

  7. The end of his presidency against the Republic never looked better.
    You would think with all the stolen money he has he would have removed that nasty zit mole on his face by now.

  8. I watched the whole nine yards on jootube, had to pause a couple times to get the bile bucket out, but, what a complete arse!!!! His arrogance was on full display, it was nauseating. And Moochelle hasn’t aged a day, she just got more ripe!!!

    And G.W. bitched when the Clintons stole from and trashed the White House, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Half the trinkets walked out the other night when all of Obama’s invites to the dinner toured the White House would be my guess. When Obummer leaves, the president elect should post guards.

  9. The worst part about this is not what he said, but that he is getting away with it, destroying our Republic, making light of it, laughing in our face. No one is doing anything that seems to stop these people. He should have been arrested on the spot.

  10. I said last month that none of the candidates running now will ever see the throne room in the White House. The closer I get to the election process this so called event that many suspect is coming will result in an appointment of someone to rule. I know no candidate will hold the office thru an election but the end move is a guess. We can only wait and see as we do not have any control of the situation.

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