Obama hires a Criminal defense attorney to be his new White House counsel

Neil EgglestonD.C. Clothesline – by Eowyn

A week ago on April 21, 2014, the White House announced that W. Neil Eggleston, a well-known criminal defense attorney, will be Obama’s new White House counsel upon the May 2014 departure of Kathryn Ruemmler.

Keith Koffler of whitehousedossier.com says Eggleston is the kind of guy you go to when someone tells you, “time to lawyer up.”

Eggleston, 60, has an impressive recordof defending political figures fromcriminal charges, including:   

  • From 1987 until 1988, Eggleston served as deputy chief counsel for the U.S.House of Representatives Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran, which investigated the Iran-Contra Affair.
  • From 1993 until 1994, Eggleston was White House associate counsel congressional investigations into then-President Bill Clinton’s Whitewater real estate transactions.
  • After leaving the White House, Eggleston represented Clinton’s transportation secretary Federico Peña, and his labor secretary Alexis Herman during corruption investigations, although no charges were ever filed.
  •  Around that same time, Eggleston also represented then-Sen. Kent Conrad during a congressional ethics inquiry into a mortgage Conrad had received from Countrywide Financial.

Neil Eggleston

Among the possibilities for Obama hiring a CRIMINAL defense attorney are:

  1. Congressional investigations on Obama’s many scandals, e.g., Fast and Furious, and the IRS’s targeting of conservativesJoe Otto at conservative-daily.com asks, “Which [congressional] investigation or accusation does he [Obama] believe is powerful enough to bring down his Presidency? It has to be something serious for the President to hire the top political criminal defense attorney as the White House Chief Counsel….”
  2. Killing Americans overseas without a trialSteven Ahle writes, “Just yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that Obama must release documents pertaining to his policy of killing Americans overseas suspected of terrorism without a trial.”
  3. Multiple lawsuits, including several pending ones by Dr. Orly Taitz, regarding Obama’s many concealed biographical records, such as his strange Social Security number with a Connecticut prefix.
  4. Something even bigger, about which we don’t know.

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22 thoughts on “Obama hires a Criminal defense attorney to be his new White House counsel

    1. Good article. You know if Barry is impeached and we know how long it will take for congress to get their shi* together, he could be out of office before then and who knows how much more damage the SOB could do.

      1. Does it really matter if he’s impeached? The bigger picture is elections are rigged on e-vote machines and BIDEN would be president. So: BIG DEAL…if Obama gets impeached. Every president since Carter should’ve been impeached and whoever would replaced them should be pre-emptively impeached.

        1. Exactly! The whole damn administration should be impeached and his handlers should all be executed on the spot for treason.

        2. There can be NO pardon for treason, the death penalty, death by hanging is justified if convicted. Let the liberals howl.

        3. imo biden == greetings aipac, would you like some fries, afgan opium while you wait?
          the dual citizen hell gates swung n fleew wide open

          who’s dual citizen in the intelligence board?
          see how that goes?
          Well not if you watch TV

          who just dug out of ass/flung poo’d that cisa “-p” bill?
          matters not, she (senator[s])will just send you a pdf, other senators won’t even allow feedback without your zipcode, from top to bottom full spectrum it’s electronic warfare even if you can’t see it. That’s right just like electronic voting machines, you can’t actually SEE the 1’s and 0’s,

      2. Impeachment is a sham. It’s only a relief-valve for an angry public, but it does nothing, and changes nothing, and only results in a new Obama replacing the old Obama after his public wrist-slapping.

        Biden will say “I’m going to pardon Obama so we can move on and heal as a nation” and that will be the end of it.

        Personally, I’d rather see him in the hands of an angry mob.

    1. Exactly, let’s stop the “botched lethal injection” method and let the ole’ standby hemp rope stretch his legs!

    2. No, no, no, JR. You have to do “upside down” crucifixions. Get with the program, dude. lol

      “Naked, upside down crucifixions on TV, once a week at half-time on the Monday night football game.” (1:20 mark)

      George Carlin

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