9 thoughts on “Obama Hologram Hand -Demons State of the Union 2013

  1. Obama is such a puppet he only needs his strings cut and his butt spanked.Such marionettes have their strings pulled by bigger war-mongering Zionists who should most probably have their necks stretched to fit the needs of a free society.As soon as we realize what freedom is it shall come to pass.Until we do we’ll have more Obamacare and Israelcare and Egyptcare and Timbuktucare and adnauseumcare.We need to produce something besides war,debt,death and tyranny.It is not a likable nation I live in.Remember that a patriot stands not for government but for the principles the government was founded upon.

    1. This hologram technology has been around for a long time. Always heard he was a hologram, now I see that he is.
      . . .

      1. You’re absolutely right, Cathleen.

        It’s even been used to simulate real planes before.

        Worked like a charm.

  2. With any luck, the POS will disappear completely, lending credence to the term “invisible (or shadow) ‘government’ “.

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