Obama Is On The 2nd Amendment Warpath Again

Obama Second Amendment WarpathSurvivopedia – by Bill White

Everyone knows that President Obama is strongly against our rights to own firearms. He’s never made that a secret and has worked hard to do everything in his power to take our guns away from us.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, all his actions have succeeded in doing, to date, is to increase the number of privately owned firearms in the country. But this time, damage has already been done, and it’s not over yet.  

It seemed like Obama’s plans to take away our 2nd Amendment rights were finally put to an end with the 2014 midterm elections. With both houses of Congress firmly in the hands of the Republicans, almost all of whom supported our rights to bear arms, Obama was going to have a hard time going forward with any sort of plans to take away our rights.

But, as he’s said himself, Obama has a pen and a phone and he is not afraid to use either one of them.

We all know that Obama has little regard for the law and less for the Constitution.

It seems that the only laws he holds in high regard are the ones that he pushed through the Democrat controlled Congress, back when he first started out.

Other than that, he’s been ignoring whatever laws he chooses and illegally creating new laws by executive fiat.

The other way that Obama is creating laws that he wants is through regulations. The various departments of the government create regulations to define how different laws which are passed by Congress will be enforced. Many times these regulations deal with such mundane issues as what government red tape one has to fight their way through; but sometimes, the regulations change the meaning of the law, making things tougher than intended. Obama’s administration has used this loophole to great effect.

Theoretically, Congress has a right to deny those regulations, but that rarely happens. So, what some nameless bureaucrat writes in some hidden office, ends up having as much power as a law passed by Congress.

Up until now, the Republicans have had little success in putting a stop to Obama’s illegal actions. There is still hope that they will be able to, but that will require the Republicans taking some bold action and standing their ground, forcing Obama to capitulate for a change. I’m not sure that we’ll see that happen.

Surprisingly enough, Obama’s latest attack against firearm ownership is perfectly legal. All he’s doing is redefining something under an existing law.

In other words, he’s given orders to a department of the government to modify a regulation, making something that was previously legal, illegal.

To my mind, this is changing the law, something that only Congress is supposed to be able to do. But I assure you, this time Obama is within the limits of what the law allows him to do.

However, we should still be concerned, because it is a direct attack against our 2nd Amendment rights, one that uses an unconstitutional law as its basis, but that law has been on the books since 1968.

Video first seen on Metal Head Patriot.

Since Obama hasn’t been able to keep “military style firearms” (the AR-15) out of the hands of civilians, he’s going to limit the availability of ammunition. Under the provisions of the sporting purposes clause of the Gun Control Act of 1968, he is stating that the green tipped ammunition for the AR-15, isn’t for sporting purposes. This ammunition is being called “armor piercing” but in actuality it is “armor penetrating.”

The difference between those two terms may seem insignificant, but they are distinctly different. Armor piercing rounds are steel core with a copper jacket. They are designed for piercing lightly armored vehicles. Armor penetrating rounds are lead core, with a copper jacket. However, unlike normal “jacketed ball” ammunition, there is a small steel tip on the front end of the lead core. This helps the round penetrate ballistic armor, although it won’t penetrate lightly armored vehicles.

Green tipped ammo has historically been some of the least expensive ammunition available for the AR-15. Much of it is imported, competing with domestically made jacketed ball. However, with this new definition of this ammunition no longer being considered “sporting ammunition,” it will no longer be available. People can keep the ammo they own, but they won’t be able to buy more.

By the way, this Sporting Purposes Clause of the Gun Control Act of 1968 is what I said earlier about an unconstitutional law. According to this clause, the reason that the 2nd Amendment exists is so that we, the citizens of the United States, can keep firearms for sporting purposes.

There’s just one problem with that, I seriously doubt that any of the Founding Fathers even thought about sporting uses of firearms, let alone created this amendment to protect it. Back then, firearms were necessary for protection and hunting was done for food, not for trophies to hang on the wall.

The Second Amendment clearly exists for the purpose of defending the country. That’s what it says. It doesn’t require any interpretation or spin, it just requires reading. Defense from what? Since they had just fought a war against tyranny, I’d say that some new tyranny raising up was their biggest concern. They were probably also concerned with personal and home defense, as those were dangerous times to live in. Not having a gun could be an invitation to criminals.

Obama’s actions have already caused the price of 5.56mm and .223 ammunition to rise. From Monday to Wednesday of last week, the wholesale cost of this ammunition rose by 60 percent. This is clearly a way of keeping not only the green tipped ammo out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, but also all 5.56 ammunition out of their hands.

If Obama is successful with this move, you can be sure that he will have his team of lawyers looking for loopholes to declare that other types of ammunition aren’t for sporting use as well.

We could very easily see the usefulness of our guns wither away, right along with the availability of ammunition. What would happen next?

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.





8 thoughts on “Obama Is On The 2nd Amendment Warpath Again

  1. Anything and everything he has put into “law” is null and void
    I will not comply
    He’s not even legal to be in the position he’s in so anything he signs is false anyways
    He is irrelevant and so are any of his rulings

  2. None of the ammo the cops carry is for “sporting” purposes either
    So is he going to take all that away too?
    STFU Obama

    Unless they consider “sporting” purposes as us being the sport

    1. No shit. I’m sick of Barry’s one sided laws. Cops can have guns but we can’t. Up yours, Barry!

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.•´

  3. How much ammo has the average bought and forgot they have???

    This just a foot in the door trick to get more ammo banned.

    Black market ammo will soon be here.

    The collapse must b close for the BiG O to try for Gun Control of some sort. Both houses will tell him kiss their ass and he knows it. So the Puppet Master is telling Obama to dance and get something…

  4. “Surprisingly enough, Obama’s latest attack against firearm ownership is perfectly legal. All he’s doing is redefining something under an existing law.”

    Excuse me? You mean an existing INFRINGEMENT on the 2nd?

    That’s treason talk!!!

  5. I bet, when all is said and done, if they make any anti-gun laws, it will be REPUBLICANS that go along with it. Because it’s always the opposite. Then it will be OK. The headlines will be: REPUBLICANS CAVE.

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