Obama says Americans too ‘lazy’ to explore the world, triggers backlash at home


President Barack Obama says Americans are so uninterested in the rest of the world because they are “lazy” and don’t feel like knowing about “other people.” His remarks have not gone unnoticed at home, where angered Americans suggested he stay abroad.

“[…] We are such a big country we haven’t always had to know about other parts of the world,” Obama told a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) town hall. “If you are in Laos, you need to know about Thailand and China and Cambodia, because you are a small country and they are right next door and you need to know who they are.”  

“If you are in the United States,” Obama continued, “sometimes you can feel lazy and think, ‘You know we are so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.’”

“That’s part of what I’m trying to change,” Obama added.

At the same time, Obama did not forget to flatter Laotians. After calling Americans “lazy” twice, once in reference to acting on climate change, he said that Laos has the “youngest population” and the fastest growing economy, which Americans could in fact learn from.

“If we are not here interacting and learning from you, and understanding the culture of the region, then we will be left behind,” Obama said. “We will miss an opportunity, and I don’t want that to happen. Okay?”

While the Laos town hall exploded in applause, the internet burned in anger.

Americans turned to Twitter to let their frustration out, accusing the president of being “anti-American.”

Some people on the social media have even suggested that maybe Obama should stay in Laos if he likes it so much.


Others have said that Obama just hates Americans…



There were also those who suggested that Obama really meant just himself, as they recalled him golfing on vacation while Louisiana was going underwater during the recent flooding.



(Someone even bothered to count all the rounds Obama played in the past eight years)



7 thoughts on “Obama says Americans too ‘lazy’ to explore the world, triggers backlash at home

  1. Coming from a guy that couldn’t take himself off a golf corse while the US was flooding

    As Trump even showed him up

    And as he takes multiple vacations all on our dime

    Fyou loser
    I’ve busted my azz for the past 40 years and have gone many a year without as much as a day off
    So you can kiss my lazy tax paying azz

    Maybe we all should just show this POS how lazy we can really be and let this all fall into his lap

    The only thing this country has been lazy about , is getting rid of these co)k suckers

  2. Look buddy, if I have any interest in knowing about other people and cultures, I’ll hop on the net and read, it’s cheaper than traveling when you don’t have unlimited mammon like yourself.

    You are not worth my emotion of anger.

  3. Just more arrogance from these willing soldiers of the NWO….nothing new…

    They hate the only thing standing in their way of total hegemonic domination…..and that’s us Lazy folks who actually still believe in personal, individual, sovereignty, liberty and freedom,

    oh, and we actually teach our children about this….Yikes…must drive them nuts….Death to The NWO always…..

  4. “… sometimes you can feel lazy and think, ‘You know we are so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.’”

    Actually, in one respect he’s correct.

    However, it would mean his scrawny neck getting stretched if everyone in this country were to pull their heads out of the idiot box, and do some serious internet research on ‘other people’.

    Like the jews & jewb#tches behind the NWO’s agenda.

  5. Obama is very fortunate that public education has left the citizens of this nation who he somehow knows far too well to be too lazy and ignorant. I know mr. sotorro to be a fraud, a pussy and a war criminal. I’ll take his off-handed and ill-informed judgements of me with a grain of salt. I don’t know any “American people,”
    but I know me and I’m real tired of satraps telling me who I am and what I think.

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