10 thoughts on “Obama Says Ebola Is a Trial Run for Coming AIRBORNE Disease

  1. “Obama has stated that this Ebola Situation serves as a Trial Run for a Future , More Deadly, Airborne Disease. From The Horses Mouth…”

    Definitely an insult to horses everywhere.

    Besides that, WHAT Ebola Situation?

  2. If one or everyone was to stop the ChemTrail spraying. Start with “Reverse Engineer” the “Chem Trails.” Where is the poison coming from and how does it get to the airports and airplanes and lastly how to stop it.

    1. Good point! I’ve even tried to see how the stuff is getting loaded onto the planes. I was on one flight not too long ago where I saw an additional, somewhat small scale hose (reminded me of the high pressure water hoses they use in restaurants) filling a tank in one of the right wing tanks. It definitely was not the fuel; I’ve seen that hundreds of times, this was different. It wasn’t too far below the leading edge of the wing and about half way down the wing. The guy wasn’t wearing anything special at all. I have no idea what it was, just that I had never seen this particular operation happen before. So if this wasn’t how it’s being done, I still don’t know unless it’s already mixed in the fuel.

    2. I’ve used high power binoculars to view these a-holes and I know for certain our sprayers are US Airforce jumbos with no windows and no FAA markings. Just outside Philly and none of these hosers ever head to PHL which is south of me. They always travel east to west over me unless they’re tic-tac-toeing that day

      1. I was just about to comment very close to what your saying

        the chemtrail aircraft are not commercial airlines , there isnt enough room in them to hold the amount of chemicals, ( full of people and baggage)
        now ..cargo type planes yes possibly

        with you commenting that you feel they are MIL craft or at a minimum owned by the government , rigs true to what I’ve witnessed

        plus they have all of our tax dollars to subjugate us with.
        people the only way to starve this beast is to stop funding them..

        no more taxes.. no more of their bullshit , but you can dam sure betcha when they realize were going to cut them off..thats when the horns will really ome out

        watch your 6

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