6 thoughts on “Obama Says it’s Un-American To Deny Illegal’s Free College

  1. Yet our son who was/is a 4.0 Student received 2 years 100% tuition but in the 3rd year the Gov’t wanted to know everything about his parents and until we supplied the info would not and did not get any more $$$$ with his schooling.

    So since the Gov’t did NOT get our information he gets ZERO but that is OK. we just pay for his schooling in cash every semester and it drives the school admin crazy LOL

    1. “… we just pay for his schooling in cash every semester.”

      So, by your own admission, you actually PAY for your son’s COMMUNIST INDOCTRINATION???


      … I’m speechless.

  2. Hey, if anyone can recognize un-american, is must be our unamerican-in-chief. How the heck could he know what’s American? He didn’t live here for much of his youth, then smoked dope thru the rest of his FREE but expensive education and probably can’t remember. He uses the phrase the way the rest of the libs accuse conservatives of ‘racism’ if we disagree with his socialist schemes.

  3. I am tired as h3ll of him and the other communists using the word “UnAmerican.” Communism is unamerican. Why should the tax payers have to pay for illegal immigrants to have free college? I had to pay for my own. (I graduated from a private college in ’73 that was not run by liberals.) I don’t remember any one offering to pay for my kid’s college because it was the “American” thing to do. Thankfully my kids chose not to go to those incubators of liberalism and are doing just fine.

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