Occupy Hopelessness: Where govt eye does not reach

New ‘Occupy’ tent camps are popping up as quickly as US authorities can dismantle them. But some encampments have been around for much longer, and the people there have felt abandoned for years. ­Tent cities of outrage are popping up all across the US over the last months, less visible to the public eye and much quieter. One such tent city of hopelessness has been around for half a decade. This is RT’s third visit in about two years to a village tucked away in the woods. The number of homeless turning to the camp for hospitality keeps growing. The population of the tent city has tripled since it was first set up. The place is home to about 70 homeless people who have nowhere else to go. One third of them are women, all feeling ashamed to leave their tents in the presence of a camera. The mood in the tent camp has become increasingly politicized over the last year.

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