0 thoughts on “Ron Paul 2012 – Banned Commercial (I wonder why?)

  1. This is an outrage!! This is a free country, they cannot ban this commercial! Why can’t we air this commercial?? Who stopped it from airing?? Stalin, Hitler… Obama!! This is why we need “President Ron Paul 2012”

  2. The ad was banned for the same reason the remake of Red Dawn has not been released. The Chinese can ban any media in any venue in our country that shows their contempt for Americans and who the Chinese really are.

  3. Enough people will see it on the internet and get the message. They can’t stop that from happening. Obama is getting desperate. The final death throws so to speak. Doesn’t have an ice cubes chance. The man is finished. Tie the bottle of barbecue sauce around his neck and stick him on the banana barge east. Kenya is looking for hotel door men. There is a shortage I understand.

  4. I did not know that Henry. This commercial is still being posted all over You Tube.. over 200,000 views! Lots of comments from viewers about how truthful this could be if Ron Paul is not elected 2012, I also posted it to my you tube channel “kenman1863”. Thanks Henry!

  5. It’s FOX News that has banned this commercial. Probably because they don’t want Republican support to go to Ron Paul because he my run as a third party candidate, thus stealing a lot of republican votes and giving Obama the election.

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