Occupy Medford Begins

This was on our local news.

MEDFORD, Ore. — Hundreds of protestors spoke out against corporate greed Saturday.

Protestors gathered at Albert Park to kick off Occupy Medford. The group is part of a movement sweeping across the country, fighting against a system that they say failed.

“System that supports corporate greed and policies and wars,” organizer Ben Playfair said.

Playfair says only a small portion of people have too much money and he wants more control.

“We are the majority of the country and we should have a say on how the country is run,” he said.

Protestor Keith Haxton says he has had enough.

“Stop being greedy and taking from the poor and giving to the rich,” he said.

While many rallied against large corporate businesses, one group took a different stand.

“I’m just here to get them to think logically,” he said.

David West’s group says Occupy Medford protestors have it all wrong, saying they should be mad at the government.

“They’re calling for more government when they should be calling for less,” he said.

Playfair says he is planning more protests in Medford.


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