Occupy Wall Street and Herman Cain’s 999 Defined

Well the Gestapo is getting out the riot gear.  When the Occupy Wall Street movement began it did so through peaceful protest and the only real violence being displayed was that by the police, who have attacked innocent citizens with both pepper spray and billy clubs for doing nothing more than filming, or in some instances just standing on the street.  I believe these attacks by the police are specifically designed to instigate violence in order to eventually turn the protests into riots.

If you look at the propaganda blitz of the past week, the talking heads have been portraying the protesters as unruly, disruptive, and violent.  If you look at the live footage as I have, you have to be asking what the hell they are talking about.  The only violence I am seeing is being perpetrated by the police, who are in essence, ganging and assaulting citizens for no apparent reason.

Today there will be international occupy protests.  Though I am a staunch believer in isolationism, I have to believe such protests are going to be turning up the heat on the international corporate mafia.  It will be interesting to see how they respond.

Now to Herman Cain and his “999 Plan.”  Often I have stepped forward to try to explain the numbers racket to the mathematically handicapped out there, so let’s take a look at “999”.  The top 1% are supposed to pay a 35% tax on their corporate profit, which as previously noted in other articles, is the only Constitutional tax or withholding.  That rate under Herman Cain’s plan will drop to 9%.

Personal income tax works on a sliding scale.  Again those in the top bracket pay 35% and the scale slides down to the point that if you are working a full time job and living beneath the poverty level, you pay zero tax.  Of course you still have withholdings like Social Security and Medicare.

The fact is under Herman’s plan the rich will have their taxes cut by more than half and at the same time Herman says his plan will collect $2.2 trillion more in taxes.  I have no degree in mathematics but the simplest logic tells me that under Herman’s plan the rich are going to be taxed nothing while the rest of us are taxed into slavery.

You see Herman wants to cut out all deductions except for one – charitable donations.  The top 1% have foundations, which will allow them to take the 9% they would have to pay in personal income and the 9% taxed on their corporate profits, and pay that to their own foundations in the form of charitable donations.  They can then use that money to gain even more control over the rest of us through their foundations.  And of course in the end, in reality they will be paying no taxes.

Everyone else, including those living under the poverty level will pay the 9% unconstitutional income tax with no deductions, because they will have no money to pay into a charity.

Now let’s look at that last 9%.  This would be a nationwide sales tax.  Now we will use some of that simple math I love so well.  Let’s take $100 taken in in tax revenue from the sales tax.  We in the 99% will be paying $99 and they in the 1% will be paying $1, even for their most outlandish purchases.  There will be no more luxury tax, just a flat 9%.  And of course there will be no more estate tax, so the fortunes in stolen wealth they have accumulated cannot be touched.

Herman Cain, you can stick your “999” up your two-bit, Federal Reservist, con man behind.  That is exactly what this is, a con game and it is not even imaginative.

Everyone should take notice at how the propaganda from both the false left and the false right has glommed on to Herman Cain.  It would be their wet dream to get the 2012 election underway with Obama vs. Herman Cain or Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry or Rick Santorum or Jon Huntsman, because a scenario with Obama running against any one of these neo-cons would, at the very least, assure their survival and the continuation of corporate rule.

From both the phony left and phony right propaganda, Ron Paul’s constitutional campaign is being grossly minimized, if not completely blackballed.  And this should be the one thing front and center in every patriotic citizen’s mind.  Do not be distracted.

If necessary I will register as a Republiscum in order to vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries.  And of course as soon as the Primaries are over I will change back to either non-partisan or Independent.  Just think what a message we could send if we all took this course of action.

Think about it, you fill out two forms, one to become a Republiscum and one to change back.  I guarantee you that doing so would have more of an effect than the hundreds of thousands of emails and letters we have written that have gone into the trash or disappeared via their delete buttons on their computers.  If you look at it rationally this whole Democrat/Republican scenario is really nothing more than an exercise in idiocy.

In short, if they want to play these foolish games, though it seems childish, we can throw it all right back in their faces.  And even if Ron Paul is defrauded by the Republiscums we will simply elect him as an Independent along with every other Independent on the ballot.

Our enemies cannot stop us.  Their numbers are so minute as to be considered pathetic and their money is no longer sufficient to buy back our contempt through purchased duplicity in the form of propaganda.  In short we know it is not a warm summer rain but rather their piss that is running down our backs.

We will have our way on this one or we will destroy them utterly.  Either way they are finished and they are going to answer for the misery they have visited upon us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Herman Cain loves to complain that the protesters should be marching on the White House because they are the ones most responsible. Shows how much of a elitist shill Herman Cain is. New York is the perfect place to protest, you have the best concentration of corruption and power there, more than anywhere else in the world. Not only that, nobody is ever at the White House, mostly on vacation or out to “lunch”.

  2. I guess they figure that if they could actually do the impossible by having an illegal alien elected as President, they can get anyone elected. Romney and Perry both failed miserably in gaining the allegiance of the American people, so they looked at the rest of the candidates and chose the one they figure will serve their needs and desires best. The American people are solidly behind Ron Paul and they know it. The last resort strategy is to use their controlled main stream media to proclaim the message that Ron Paul is unelectable, hoping that many will believe the nonsense and buy into their puppet of choice. Ron Paul has already stated that if he does not win the GOP nomination, that he will not run as an independent. It’s like I have said before, if Ron Paul is not nominated by the Republicans, this country is done for, and I see nothing but a full blown revolution that not even martial law will be able to control or stop.

  3. Herman Cain is a nitwit. He wants to electrocute Mexicans using electrified fences, flip flopping on abortion, etc. I always wonder what rock he crawled out form whenever I hear him talking or read about him or his comments.

    1. sidqq,
      I agree with the electric fence, if those cockroaches don’t want to get electrocuted to death, they can stay the hell away from our border.

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