0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Day 7 and 8

  1. The UK elite are starting to pull their crap. They’re banning marches. Just a matter of time before it starts here.

    1. The cop’s ID has been released. His name is Anthony Bologna. NYPD accused the protesters of “doctoring their videos so as not to show their provoking actions.” As a result, they have posted more video from various angles that was not previously released. There is also a “call to action” to bring up charges against Officer Bologna. You can find it on OccupyWallStreet.Org
      Once you get to their site, you may have to click the “News” tab, then scroll down to “Officer Balogna.”

  2. Michael Moore came to the Park last night, Susan Sarandon this morning, and Cornell West this evening. The protest in San Francisco is going strong. The group in Chicago was temporarily dispersed, but plans to return tomorrow. There is scheduled to be a gathering in Liberty Park, Washington DC in Oct. They said that there are 52 cities participating. I don’t have a list. This is spreading. How long can the media continue to turn a blind eye?

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