Subsidizing the U.S. Destruction

Well it seems we are facing yet another possible government shutdown, which in reality is nothing more than another smoke screen designed to perpetuate another week of theft and job transfers out of our country.  As previously stated in other articles, to think that the corporate elite are going to allow anything to change when they are making record profits, as more of our nation’s wealth is transferred from the middle class to the upper echelons of the filthy rich, is naïve.  And as also previously mentioned, our natural resources continue to flow to other countries unimpeded.

Last week we were told beef and dairy prices will raise 32% this year and this week we are finding out why.  In one instance California alfalfa hay is being shipped and sold to China at a cheaper rate than it is offered to our own ranchers and farmers.  The excuse is given that as we are importing so much from China there is a glut of cargo containers here that need to go back the other way.  So shipping the alfalfa from California has been made very cheap at $30 per ton, which creates a scenario wherein supply and demand has raised the price of the California alfalfa to a level that dictates that U.S. farmers and ranchers are going to have to raise their prices just to break even.

Sound pretty outrageous?  Well, wait until you hear this.  California hay growers receive more in government subsidized water than the hay they are growing is worth.  In short, the tax payers are subsidizing California hay growers, who are selling the alfalfa grown with subsidized water to the Chinese, which is driving up the price of the alfalfa for U.S. ranchers and farmers, which is going to be absorbed in the end by those same taxpayers subsidizing the water.

This should be illegal.  U.S. business people should not be forced to compete with China for any item being subsidized with U.S. taxpayer dollars.  Hence, once again, our own wealth is being used to destroy us.  But then why should we be surprised?  We send raw logs to China to be manufactured into goods to be brought back here and sold in competition with our own products, which in reality almost no longer exist.

In any other country this would be considered economic treason.  When you look at the corporate farms producing alfalfa in California, every inch of the land they have was procured through fraud and swindle by the forefathers of the elitists who are cutting our throats today.

Obama is actually trying to sell himself as the “Warrior for the middle class”   Maybe the warrior for General Electric or maybe the warrior for Mexican invasion or maybe the two-bit, two-faced, treasonous, foreign, back alley Chicago pimp warrior.  But for him to make any claim of association with the U.S. middle class is an insult to our intelligence.  He can’t even sell this laughable assertion to his social communist base, which leaves one to wonder what plans are in the works.

The truth is the people are becoming bored with the monthly funding crisis and the status quo in general.  And of course our jobs are continuing to be liquidated by 400,000 plus per week.  At some point doesn’t the well have to go dry?

If having Obama as our advocate is the cause of the effect we have been seeing, maybe we would be better off if he started advocating for someone else.  What am I saying?  He is the leader of the insurgent communist revolution for the capture and control of the United States, designed to reduce us to nothing more than another third world state in the one world order.

As we hold on and hold out for the election of Ron Paul in 2012, I think we had better be prepared for literally anything.  Our enemies are desperate and that desperation is showing more daily.

Like this Herman Cain thing, do they really think anybody believes this shit?  Personally this man is an affront to my intelligence, just another con man spouting a line of bullshit that no one but a Jim Bakker disciple could possible buy into.  The people in Florida should find out who orchestrated this act and go beat the shit out of them for trying to make Floridians look stupid.

At any rate, keep your power dry and stay ready.  Something has to give.  I’m going to go puke now.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Newsflash Akron, Ohio…. Small but boisterous group gatheried in front of Chase Bank Building in protest. Numerous police gathered scratching their heads. Banks got bailed out we got sold out is their chant. I’m going over to join in now!

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