0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Movement Goes Worldwide

      1. It’s a slumber party, these nuts, they haven’t brushed their teeth in two weeks, bums……………Ooooooohhh ! Keep it up, you rich, worthless, pieces of shit. Your time is coming, you just don’t believe it yet. We’ll remember you and your arrogant slander. The PEOPLE have had enough, and we’ll be coming after you, rope in hand and lamp post reserved. This is the best I’ve felt in over 3 years. Yeeeeeeee ! Haaaaaaaaaaawww !!!

    1. I’m very concerned about what’s going to happen in Washington Sq. tonight. Washington Sq. has a strict midnight-6 am curfew. Unlike Liberty/Zuccotti Sq., Washington Sq is a City Park. Right now, 3000+ are deciding how many will stay and how many will head back downtown. Bloomberg’s troops WILL enforce the curfew. There’s NO Doubt about that.

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