Occupy Wall Street Protesters Turning Into the Mouse that Roared

The Occupy Wall Street protests are heating up as the mainstream propaganda machine continues to ignore the growing cries for an end to the theft.  I suppose the propagandists will continue to ignore the fire until the flames are licking at their arses.  On the other hand I have to believe that the corporate elite are running scared as evidenced by JP Morgan stepping up to “donate” $4.6 million to the already grossly overfunded NYPD – protection money?  It makes one wonder what exactly JP Morgan thinks they are buying.  I guess if we see incidences of police brutality pick up it will be evident that the NYPD has been reduced to a pack of pure corporate whore thugs.

Dylan Rattigan is putting forth a push to define the protests in New York and indeed around the country as nothing more than a call for campaign finance reform.  No sale, Dylan.  You are going to have to tell your corporate masters that you have in no way established the kind of clout it would take to transform a revolution for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution into a petty issue for the 2012 campaign.

I’ll tell you what, Dylan, I’ll give you your campaign finance reform in one line and we will add it to the list of our demands.  One citizen, one US Treasury dollar, one vote.  Now you can put that with:

  1. End CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT.
  2. End the Federal Reserve.
  3. Throw all illegals from other countries out.
  4. Seal our borders.
  5. Tax the monies American corporations have sitting in foreign banks.
  6. Put a 90% tax on all monies leaving the United States destined for foreign investments.
  7. Stop all exports of our natural resources except in the form of manufactured goods; tables not boards.
  8. Put a 70% tariff on all imports.
  9. Retrieve the $30 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia through fraud.
  10. Use those retrieved monies to establish a fund to make interest free loans to American entrepreneurs, regardless of their credit score.

This is not just want we want; this is what we are going to have.  If you want to be a true spokesman for the American people of the American race, I give you leave to announce this list as a part of your next broadcast.  In fact, you can call it your own and say you compiled it all by yourself.  I really don’t care, but you are not going to redefine our purpose.

This is not the first time we have seen mainstream propagandists come forth and pretend to be one of us and use their celebrity status to try and portray themselves as leaders, for instance, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the entire pack of neo-cons who are still pretending to this day to represent the grass roots Tea Party.

Sorry Dylan, but you make way too much money to pretend that you understand the world that the oppressed majority of the American people of the American race are living in.

I heard another propagandist say it is now been decided through polling a thousand likely voters that Herman Cain is the best qualified GOP candidate for president.  Why not?  The people fell for the Indonesian con man Barry Soetoro, why not a billionaire pizza salesman?  Every time these asinine statements are broadcast, the credibility of the mainstream propagandists diminishes a little more, if that is possible.

Of course there were those who argued that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are better qualified to be president than Cain.  Well here is some enlightenment for you.  I’m going to say some words that have become like holy water to a vampire when addressed to the mainstream propagandists.  Here goes.

Dr. Ron Paul, Congress Ron Paul, be gone demon.  Ron Paul has thirty years experience in government.  Ron Paul has studied and understands the Constitution for the united States of the americas.  And Ron Paul is the only candidate studied and experienced in economics to the point that he can intelligently speak on the subject, unlike all the other candidates who can only parrot one line slogans fed to them by their corporate elitist handlers.

Stick a fork in it international elitists; it’s done, finished, kaput, the fat lady is singing the Wall Street Blues.  You are going to answer for your crimes and you are going to return the wealth you have stolen.  Then we are going to give you a plinking hammer and put you to work tearing down the FEMA facilities that you thought you were going to put us in.  And when you are done we are going to send you on a vacation via a barge, headed to the Coast of Somalia with a bottle of barbeque sauce tied around your neck.

So before you go to bed tonight, take a minute and think about the millions upon millions of patriotic American citizens who despise the fact that you are still breathing our air.  And after that, pleasant dreams, scum bags.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. This movement will undoubtedly bring more people to the polls that have never bothered before. This could be a huge quagmire though, the electoral college will override and will make sure any help there will be useless.

  2. And the mainstream propaganda media machine continues to try to convince everyone that either Romney or Perry will be the GOP nominee. I don’t think so!!!

    Paul proving to be a force in 2012 GOP contest

    October 02, 2011 — McALLEN, Texas (AP) — Ron Paul, antagonist of the Federal Reserve and advocate for the gold standard, probably won’t capture the Republican presidential nomination. But with his libertarian leanings energizing a small though growing group of passionate conservatives, the quirky Texas congressman is proving to be a force in the 2012 contest.

    Four months before the initial voting, Paul is having such a big impact on the race that some Republican operatives are convinced that he will play spoiler in important states, siphoning votes and attention from his rivals for months to come and helping determine the nominee.

    He’s empowered by unconventional but successful fundraising techniques, a more sophisticated campaign than his two previous attempts at the presidency, and a fiery message he’s preached for decades but only now is resonating with Americans concerned about the nation’s debt.

    In short, he could prove dangerous for the early front-runners, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. “I have no idea what exactly spoiler means,” Paul said recently while in New Hampshire. “If you’re a participant and you have an influence and you win or come close and you influence the debate, I think that’s pretty important. So I don’t put a negative term on that as spoiling anything. Spoiling their fun? Maybe they need a little spoiling.”

    It’s unclear which rival the 76-year-old Texan stands to hurt the most. Paul’s most devoted followers have been committed to him for years. But the “converts,” as the congressman calls them, seem to be growing with little regard for whether their support of Paul unintentionally helps another candidate.

    Kate Baker is among the many die-hard Paul supporters in New Hampshire who shrug off the suggestion that their candidate may play spoiler. She holds out hope of victory. “Ron Paul is doing well enough he has the possibility to win, particularly in key states. This time I can taste success,” said Baker, the volunteer head of New Hampshire’s Women for Ron Paul Coalition. She also worked to help Paul get elected four years ago.

    But for Baker and others, winning almost sounds less important than spreading Paul’s message of fiscal discipline and smaller government. That’s a pitch he’s made for years and one that others suddenly have adopted, sometimes with more success.

    “Look at how much the message is traveling right now. He’s honest and consistent. That’s the kind of person I can put my money and effort behind,” said Baker, a 37-year-old Manchester resident. “I vote for Ron Paul on principle.”

    Others like her have helped Paul build a grass-roots fundraising network so robust that his team is preparing for a primary campaign that goes the distance, confident Paul will raise enough money to stay in the race as long as he wants.

    His fundraising prowess dropped jaws four years ago when, during one cash-grab blitz, he raised more than $5 million in 24 hours. Drawing on thousands of small online donations, Paul has raised at least $1 million in five individual “money bombs” this year, according to his campaign.

    Overall, he raised $4.5 million this year through June 30 and is expected to report $5 million more through the end of September. That’s well behind Romney and probably Perry, too. But it’s far more than most of the second-tier candidates.

    It’s not just money that’s helped him become a more credible candidate this time around. It’s also the improved quality of his campaign. Paul moved more quickly this year to put organizers and experienced workers in important states. He was the first candidate to run television ads in New Hampshire. At the straw poll in Ames, Iowa, a test of campaign organization, Paul finished second to Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann by only 152 votes.

    “The fact that we have so many county chairmen and precinct chairmen and all this all through Iowa, we never had that before,” Paul said recently from his office in Washington. There are signs that Paul is adopting more traditional, and possibly successful, campaign strategies, according to Eric Woolson, who managed former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses. The strong straw poll finish was “maybe a little more of an acknowledgement that this is the way the game is played,” he said.

    In New Hampshire, the difference goes beyond organization. Paul still talks freely about some subjects that place him on the fringe, such as ending the fight against drugs. But his early ads in the state seemed to “recast” his image, said Richard Killion, an unaffiliated Republican strategist who had advised former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a 2012 race dropout, in New Hampshire.

    The ads give the impression that Paul is the most electable and best positioned to beat Obama, going against the conventional wisdom that Paul “speaks out well on big problems in Washington, but may not be the best messenger to tackle them,” Killion said.

    Paul is working to remedy that perception. “I keep thinking maybe how I can improve on saying things so the people can understand what I’m talking about and make sure that they don’t misinterpret me,” he said.

    All this suggests Paul is poised to improve upon his 2008 performance, when he grabbed more than 7 percent in the New Hampshire Republican primary and reached as high as 14 percent in Nevada. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul will get somewhere north of 10 percent, possibly even in the high teens, which will have a major effect and impact on the race and who wins — whether its Perry or Romney — in New Hampshire,” said Michael Dennehy, a New Hampshire-based operative who led Sen. John McCain’s campaign four years ago.

    “I would go so far as to say he will play spoiler,” Dennehy said. “I do not see his support waning below 10 percent.” Paul also seems more willing to mix it up with the other candidates that he was in 2008.

    He acknowledges trying to score political points that raise his profile in addition to his standard no-frills discussion of the issues. A Paul television ad calling Perry “Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader” garnered loads of attention and drew attacks from Perry. That was an unusual reaction from a front-runner who would typically ignore attacks from lesser candidates.

    Paul said he wrestles with how to apply the new style. But as much as other candidates pull Paul’s ideas into the conservative mainstream, it’s easy to forget he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president in 1988.

    Paul calls for immediate withdrawal of troops around the world, brushes aside concerns about Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb and has suggested Israel be left to defend itself. He would return to the days when the currency was backed by gold. He would eliminate a host of federal agencies and says, “There is no greater threat to the security and prosperity of the United States today than the out-of-control, secretive Federal Reserve.”

    Mostly, Paul is pleased that some ideas he’s hammered for years are echoing all around him. “Nobody ever did this and now it’s not just me doing this,” he said. “I think that’s all good.”


  3. The mass protests have begun and will spread and grow strength thoughout the nation. And it all started by the 99ers who just wanted a job! The international bankers better pay attention because we the people have had enough! WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!

    1. Yes,Pat…interesting question.

      Brings to mind a memory of an “evaluation” I received over 10 years ago from a “superior” who was a completely subservient corporate butt licker and a totally spineless individual who believed in nothing but whatever would increase his own power. In other words a typical corporate wimp, liar, thief and back stabber.

      My job was to enroll people in very high cost (the highest in the world) second language and cross cultural “training” programs. When I repeatedly tried to interact with the delivery side of the operation in effort to confirm feasiblilty of commitments I had made to close sales I was met with hostility from that department leading to being referred to as “quirky” in an “evaluation” made by this little shit leading ultimately to my dismissal in spite of sales performance far beyond his and others and, in addition, far over plan. (Screw the customer….just get the money!)

      So…let’s see…”quirky” means to be honest, moral, upstanding and truthful because these traits are now considered abnormal?

      From Webster: (see synonyms to clearly understand how the actual meaning of the word has been twisted and perverted to suit the amoral and deceitful business climate that has been instilled by the elitists.)

      noun ˈkwərk
      Definition of QUIRK
      a : an abrupt twist or curve b : a peculiar trait : idiosyncrasy c : accident, vagary
      : a groove separating a bead or other molding from adjoining members
      — quirk·i·ly adverb
      — quirk·i·ness noun
      — quirk·ish adjective
      — quirky adjective
      See quirk defined for English-language learners »
      See quirk defined for kids »
      Examples of QUIRK

      Everyone has their little quirks.

      Origin of QUIRK
      origin unknown
      First Known Use: 1565
      Related to QUIRK
      Synonyms: crotchet, curiosity, eccentricity, erraticism, individualism, kink, mannerism, oddity, peculiarity, quiddity, quip, idiosyncrasy, singularity, tic, trick, twist

  4. Thanks Brian for posting this, I had forgotten I saw this a year or 2 ago. He really hits the nail on the head! R.I.P. George, we still may get this shit straight Yet!

    1. Ken,

      Yep…good narrative eh?

      Having been born with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge as to why humans behave as they do I intuitively knew at a very early age that virtually everyone was lying virtually all the time. My parents, who were both “teachers” spent great energy trying to convince me that I was afflicted with some unnamed disorder. Had I been born 30 years later I most certainly would have been a victim of the drug driven war on the natural unfolding of the human mind that later was declared in our school systems when these drugs became available to be used as WMD against the natural human mind. God only knows how many good brains have been destroyed by Ritalin and anti depressants in the effort to dumb down and control the populace. First they preach “honesty is the best policy” then expend every effort to beat you down for being honest.

      There are few voices of truth and the strongest ones I have ever heard have been those of comedians. It seems that humor is the only vehicle for truth that endures. Ultimately it’s all we really have as a haven from madness. If we lose our sense of humor we have nothing left but the final plummet into despair.

      It seems we are witnessing the ultimate Lewis Carroll story….now it could be called “Alice in Blunderland”! I think if not for the tragic suffering these fools are capable of inflicting we would be at risk of laughing ourselves to death as we witness the inexpressible absurdity that is engulfing us….once again.

      Let us carry on as best we can in the pursuit of happiness…one day at a time. I wish you well.

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