The Word From the Trenches

From the Trenches World Report is adding a live broadcast, featuring Henry Shivley as host.  The Word From the Trenches will be broadcast through Liberty Tree Radio, Live 365, UStream, shortwave, and various micro broadcasts.

This will be a live call in show and all our loyal readers are encouraged to join in the conversation.  The one hour broadcast will air Wednesday, October 5th, at 12 noon Pacific time, 3:00 pm Eastern time and every Wednesday thereafter at the aforementioned time.

We are going to take From the Trenches to the next level and we are counting on all of our brothers and sisters to back us 110%.  If we all work together the revolution cannot be stopped.

The links to listen and the call in number will be posted on the front page by the beginning of the week.

0 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches

    1. That is my little rifle with the little scope. As you can see we have large distances to observe up here in these mountains.

      1. LOL Yes, you DO have large distances to cover. Beautiful country! Guessing that’s a Weatherby 300 Win. Mag… Scope good for at least 1200 yds…. Sweet!
        Looking forward to the broadcast.

  1. i wouldn’t dream of missing it.Or of not posting it far and wide. You are a gem,my friend.Thanks for the info and the determination for lack of better words.

  2. I’ve guess I’ve found some better words.I found this wewbsite one day by complete acccident,reading about Michelle Bachman in a chain gang with some asshole I no longer remember and how we might drive by,as free Americans,seeing it.It made me laugh out loud for the first time in months and I’ve taken the opportunity to visit your site every day since.This is my pleasure and your sacrifice.Thank YOU wholeheartedly.

    1. Henry, you look like you have Native American blood runnin’
      through your veins. My Dad was half Cherokee, so I got some, too. International corporate mafia speak with forked tongue. Time to get plenty scalps.

      1. No doubt about it. (Unless you’re a Texan. Like my Grandmother, they’d call him a Mexican.) I’ve got Cherokee blood. Hubby’s got Choctaw and Cherokee. Between the 2 of us, we’re registered on 4 Reservations (just can’t get our #s). I can tell you, I’d feel a Heck of a lot safer on a Reservation right now.

  3. Henry,

    Watching the show as we speak on USTREAM. Your doing a great job brother. I’m not able to call in at the moment, but I’m right with you. Money is too damn tight.

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