4 thoughts on “Old man teaches a young guy a lesson who tried to rob him at the ATM.

    1. I love it when the thugs f*ck around and find out, more like this man are needed. too many fkn soy bois out there busy recording everything instead of acting

      1. LOL! What you’re talking about has nothing to do with “soy”. It’s always funny to me when I hear that because the biggest & arguably fittest dude I ever met in the gym used to put soy milk in his coffee (dairy allergy or something) & that dude would crush you like a bug if you looked at him sideways lol! What you’re actually talking about is just all the weak f@ggots who spend all their time on social media & in front of the mirror these days but I get what you mean 😉

        PS. Just FYI on a more scientific level – as far as I’m aware it’s actually been scientifically proven for a while now that the phyto-estrogen in soy beans (and other plants) does NOT mimic female hormone in the human body. That “soy boi” meme is simply a modern day “wives tale” 😉

  1. Looks like an edited outtake from Gran Torino! Always good to see a scumbag have his ass handed to him 😀

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