On The Coverage of January 6th

Funny to watch the coverage of January 6th. Yeah, we know it was mostly a psy-op, but not all involved were aware of that. I just know that mixed in that crowd were a few souls who really wanted freedom restored. They will forever be lost in the shuffle.

As for the others who were more high-profile and got arrested… Why did none of them just come out and say, “Yeah, I’m glad I did it to save the Republic.” I didn’t hear that anywhere. All we got were plea deals and admittance of guilt. What a gift this was to the communist objective of false “democracy,” with a magnificent grand-assist by Donald Trump.

Now to hear Biden and Harris covering it, it was as if few occurrences were ever more threatening to the nation. They are making it out to be an historical event in the history of the world. Kamala placed it right up there with Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Here are their speeches in case you feel like barfing:



Somewhere, written on the sands of time, are the names of those who meant well, but simply got caught up in something that looked good on the surface and who soon found out they were betrayed by a Judas Goat, a Judas Goat still working ’till this day.

2 thoughts on “On The Coverage of January 6th

  1. Seriously? Why is there even an anniversary for something completely forgettable. It wasn’t even that big of a deal. It was just another day in the news. Are they that bored that they have to compare it to 9/11?

    How about the anniversary of the caravans coming across the border? That’s more historic.

    Who gives a rat’s ass about what happens in Washington DC?

    I barely even remember what happened that day because I couldn’t careless.

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