Operation Odyssey Dawn, or The Love of War

“Operation Odyssey Dawn,” how tranquil, tends to make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   It’s been a mere 48 hours since the so called no-fly-zone was enacted and already American Tomahawk missiles are being fired at Libyan ground troops. 

If memory serves just a week ago we were being told that the war mongers were only seeking to stop Libyan planes by bombing air fields and air defense batteries.  I may be wrong but the last time I checked armored personnel carriers and tanks cannot fly.

It has come to the point that the industrial war complex is no longer making any effort to shield the reality of their blatant aggression.  They are now expecting the American people to believe that the attacks in Libya are righteous in spite of the fact that they are picking and choosing which dictators to prop up and which to remove from power.

94 so called protesters were killed in Libya leading to the United Nation’s sanction for international attacks on that country.  At the same time dozens of protesters were being killed in Yemen without consequence. 

When they want to push the propaganda one way the insurgents in Libya are called protesters.  When the want to push the propaganda another way they are identified as a rebel force.  I guess the only clear difference between a protester and a rebel is whether he is holding a sign in his hand or a gun. 

This is such an outrageous, blatant lie.  They must truly think we are deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid.  Let’s look at it logically.  Gaddafi kills 94 insurgents in an effort to stop the destabilization of his country which he says is being brought on by European, American, and Taliban agents which have infiltrated Libya.  And all of the sudden Europe and the United States are attacking the sovereign nation of Libya, supposedly supporting rebels who want a regime change.

The deaths of the 94 people are being called genocide committed by a madman.  In Iraq, the United States has killed a million Iraqis; men, women, and children, soldier and civilian without distinction.  But that is not genocide, that is empire building and the slaughtered Iraqis are collateral damage.

In the 1980s Iraq attacked Iran using saran gas with “Made in USA” stamped on the side of it.  But this was a good thing as the Iraqis were killing those bad old Shiite Muslims.  America not only sanctioned this wanton murder but supported it both financially and militarily.  Hundreds of thousands of Iranians, men, women, and children died the most unspeakable deaths imaginable as a result of the internationally banned saran gas that the Iraqis used on them.

A scenario has developed in this world wherein whether murdered people are the victim of genocide or not depends on who is doing the killing.  If the murder is sanctioned by the international elite it is labeled a “just war for democracy.”  If people are killed by an institution like the Gaddafi regime in an effort to stop the internationals from capturing their natural resources it is labeled “genocide.”  In the first instance hundreds of thousands can be killed and it is called righteous.  In the second instance ten can be killed and it is called a slaughter. 

This is exactly like George Orwell’s 1984.  If you have read this book you know that one week the ministry of propaganda would put forth a message on giant television billboards that said, “We are at war with East Asia, West Asia is our friend.  We have always been at war with East Asia.”  And then the next week the billboards would say, “We are at war with West Asia, East Asia is our friend.  We have always been at war with West Asia.”  

Is this not exactly what is going on right now?  Are we not at present attacking the very regimes that just months ago we were giving billions of tax dollars to support?  Have the American people become so dumbed down and brainwashed that they cannot see even the most simple truth?

The new war in Libya is not one bit different than the two preceding it and the United States citizens have allowed themselves to be pulled into a scenario of perpetual war for perpetual peace.  Is this not the very definition of an oxymoron? 

The Libyan war is serving one purpose.  That is to allow the nuclear disaster in Japan to literally be removed from reality by our propaganda ministry.  God only knows what devastating affects these releases of nuclear radiation in the world’s air and oceans are going to have on our future.  I believe it has come to the point that only a divine intervention can stop the madness.

God, if you’re going to save us, now is the time.

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