Oregon policeman shot, killed while serving warrant: media


A police officer was shot and killed in western Oregon when he attempted to serve a warrant on a male suspect on Friday, local media and police said.

The officer was shot in the downtown area of the city of Seaside at about 9:30 p.m. local time, his force said.  

The 39-year-old, who had been with the department for 13 years, died from his wounds, an ABC affiliate in Portland reported.

The suspect was shot by another officer and taken to hospital, according to police in the coastal community of about 6,500 residents, about 80 miles (130 km) west of Portland.

(Reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee; Editing by Elaine Hardcastle)


15 thoughts on “Oregon policeman shot, killed while serving warrant: media

  1. I guess things like this will be happening with increasing frequency. Americans have had enough, and have little left to lose.

      1. Thanks, Hatr… Good to see you here too.

        My modem got fried, and the new one didn’t work either.

        And as soon as I started posting comments here, the computer crashed.

        I feel like I’m dodging torpedoes, and it kinda makes a guy feel he’s not welcome on the internet.

        1. Yeah, that’s what Henry told me. Glad you fixed the problem.

          Took a few days off earlier this week (except from The Word, I always listen to that), mainly because my internet usage was getting too high before this cycle is up. Already costing me about $120 a month (phone & internet combined, but I hardly use the phone), so I can’t really afford to go over my 8 gigs.

          Glad you’re up & running again.

  2. This news makes a great weekend even better!

    Anyone whose rights that pig ever violated, including harmless people he arrested for victimless crimes, has now been avenged.

  3. Now THEY will just hire two. One to replace him and one to protect the replacement.

    I think, if your going to engage an enemy like this, one must take the battle to the very place the opponent has never imagined. Like the HQ.
    5ton dump truck bam! right into the building. a couple booms and a few bangs and you get to the locker with the drugs, guns and money. If the place is too occupied just tnt a donut shop and wait until they are all going that way at 105mph. The real prize would be in the ambush of returning units and their county friends. Once again, where they least expect it. Their burning homes.

    I kid
    good job! next time get two.

    1. “Once again, where they least expect it. Their burning homes.”. That is exactly right. When the war begins, they will cry out in anguish as their homes burn and the occupants are popped trying to escape the flames. Same tactic they have used on us. They are too arrogant to believe the same horror can be visited upon them.

  4. Man…. where’s the safety committee for these people.
    They keep getting accidentally shot on purpose.
    I would invest in the policemen’s retirement fund derivative.

    Cause if this keeps up they’ll never collect.

  5. My house got cased once by Oregon State Troopers. They finally confronted me and told some lies trying to entrap someone who lived with me. I found out they were working for a corporation in the area on my tax dollars and strong arming the locals to avoid a certain area. If you think the police are on your side, guess again.

  6. Warm fuzzy feeling inside. Justice served for all it’s violations against it’s oath. 🙂 🙂 I hope it’s pig buddies feel the heat of the dish best served cold.

    On another note, the place across the road from me is a Buddhist temple and celebrating the chink new year. Got allowed and approved because a joo bag former Philly pig was our solicitor. Turns out his adopted Genghis was factored into selling out our peace and quiet here.

    Got a few 37mm cs left. Range appropriate but being a good neighbor. Would be fun though.

  7. Outstanding!

    These are always my favorite stories to read (and post), but this is all the better since it happened here. 🙂

    “Ferry resisted arrest and the second officer attempted to subdue him with a stun gun, state police said, adding that the suspect opened fire and hit Goodding.”

    He resisted kidnapping. The pig got exactly what he deserved.

  8. A while back they raided my place military style. About 15 of the pricks. Complete with AR-15’s pointed at us. Said they had proof I was a marijuana growing farm. After a day of searching in the 100 degree heat with all their military garb and guns…..they found NOTHING because there WAS NOTHING. They are to stupid to tell the difference between pot plants and fruit trees. They held me for 5 days in their shitty little jail while they proceeded to tear my place all up and rob me blind. They stole anything that was worth anything and left the place a wreck. They finally let me go with no charges but I have not forgot or forgiven. All I have ever seen from these bastards is destruction and desecration in the lives of my friends and families and NOT ONE OF US IS A CRIMINAL OR EVER HAS BEEN.

    I’m sorry but it makes me feel happy as hell every time I hear about one of these fascist pricks biting the dust. I think I’ll celebrate tonight and may his ass rot in hell. No person with any amount of honor or integrity would ever do that job for any amount of money.

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