Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska

Anna von Reitz

If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.   

Knowledge is power, and the ultimate civil power resides in every individual in America. By studying the following links in the order presented, you will know more about freedom and what the creator expected from us and endowed us with Through His Divine Son, and you will know your responsibility in that regard.

The last Link is a link to this page, so to send this whole compendium to someone you should just send the last link to let them have the whole series.

Anna has two books. They are both very important to freedom. Here are the links.

“Disclosure 101” is a compliation of some of her earlier writings: Disclosure 101

“You Know Something Is Wrong When… An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” is the blockbuster you need to read. This book blows the lid off the corrupt corporate entity calling itself our Federal government, and shows the entire history of Fraud, Deception, Threat, Duress, Coercion, and Intimidation the perpeTRAITORS have used to steal our entire heritage and prosperity for over 150 years: Get it Here at Amazon

INTRODUCTION: Notice To Congress  http://www.annavonreitz.com/noticetocongress.pdf

1. My Dear Archbishop George  http://www.annavonreitz.com/annavonreitz.pdf

2. The Nut is Cracked  http://www.annavonreitz.com/nutiscracked.pdf

3. For a Deeper Understanding  http://www.annavonreitz.com/deeperunderstanding.pdf

4. Open Letter to Karen Hudes  http://www.annavonreitz.com/lettertokarenhudes.pdf

5. Final Judgment and Civil Orders  http://www.annavonreitz.com/finaljudgmentandcivilorders.pdf

6. Final Judgment with Addendums  http://www.annavonreitz.com/finaljudgmentwithaddendums.pdf

7. Civil Orders 6 10 2014  http://www.annavonreitz.com/civilorders6102014.pdf

8. Civil Orders 7 4 2014  http://www.annavonreitz.com/civilorders742014.pdf

9. Notice of Default  http://www.annavonreitz.com/noticeofdefault.pdf

10. Regarding “Political Action”  http://www.annavonreitz.com/politicalaction.pdf

11. The Cheapest, Most Efficient Prison of all, Your Mind  http://www.annavonreitz.com/mindprison.pdf

12. I am Your Anchorbaby  http://www.annavonreitz.com/anchorbaby.pdf

13. Defined: The Source of the Fraud! From the Beginning!  http://www.annavonreitz.com/defined.pdf

14. To the adults in the room  http://www.annavonreitz.com/adultsintheroom.pdf

15. An in depth explanation of the games that have been played on the American sovereigns http://www.annavonreitz.com/sovereignsplayed.pdf

16. Open letter to Jack Lew Secretary of the Treasury  http://www.annavonreitz.com/lettertojacklew.pdf

17. Starting at first base  http://www.annavonreitz.com/firstbase.pdf

18. Second base What “They” have done “For” You  http://www.annavonreitz.com/secondbase.pdf

19. Third base The Guilty Parties  http://www.annavonreitz.com/thirdbase.pdf

20. General Civil Orders  http://www.annavonreitz.com/generalcivilorders.pdf

21. (W)rit of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth  http://www.annavonreitz.com/writofassistance.pdf

22. Signed – Sealed – Proof of Delivery  http://www.annavonreitz.com/signedsealeddelivered.pdf

23. Confirmation of Delivery by USPS  http://www.annavonreitz.com/confirmation.pdf

24. Final Judgment and Civil Orders with Final Addendums updated 10-14-14 http://www.annavonreitz.com/finaljudgmentandcivilorders101414.pdf

25. Live People seal documents with an autograph; Corporations use signatures http://www.annavonreitz.com/autographs.pdf

26. The Real Criminals  http://www.annavonreitz.com/therealcriminals.pdf

27. US Corporation Fraud: Why the Courts are at Fault  http://www.annavonreitz.com/courtsatfault.pdf

28. US Corporation Fraud: What Can Be Done  http://www.annavonreitz.com/whatcanbedone.pdf

29. What is the Constitution?  http://www.annavonreitz.com/constitution.pdf

30. Your Offer to Contract is Rejected  http://www.annavonreitz.com/youroffertocontract.pdf

31. Did you give your Consent to any of this?  http://www.annavonreitz.com/classicdisinformation.pdf

32. Role of the Trustee – Members of Congress  http://annavonreitz.com/roleofthetrustee.pdf

33. Anna’s Vetted Notice to the World  http://annavonreitz.com/vettednotice.pdf

34. Anna’s Will to the American People  http://annavonreitz.com/annaswill.pdf

35. Anna’s Letter to Angela Merkel  http://annavonreitz.com/lettertoangelamerkel.pdf

36. Words of Wisdom from Anna  http://annavonreitz.com/wordsofwisdom.pdf

37. Sovereignty vs 515 members of Congress  http://annavonreitz.com/sovereigntyvs515.pdf

38. Just So You Know  http://annavonreitz.com/justsoyouknow.pdf

39. How the US Corporation changes shells  http://annavonreitz.com/corporationchangesshells.pdf

40. Dissecting the Maze  http://annavonreitz.com/dissectingthemaze.pdf

41. Honor … The Lack of..  http://annavonreitz.com/honor.pdf

42. The Constitution is a LAW for rulers and the people in war and peace. http://annavonreitz.com/constitutionlawforrulers.pdf

43. The Rod Class Case  http://annavonreitz.com/rodclasscase.pdf

44. One more time…Judge Anna attempts to Straighten out the old man. http://annavonreitz.com/onemoretime.pdf

45. A lot of information for individual people  http://annavonreitz.com/lotofinformation.pdf

46. The “Condo Association” Analogy – Re: the united States  http://annavonreitz.com/thecondoanalogy.pdf

47. Removing the Fangs  http://annavonreitz.com/removingthefangs.pdf

48. A statement of fact for the Bundy family in Nevada  http://annavonreitz.com/statementforbundy.pdf

49. Writ of Quo Warranto  http://annavonreitz.com/writofquowarranto.pdf
I can’t verify yet that the above document was authored by Anna von Reitz but it sounds like it might be.

50. Dear John – Regarding the IRS  http://annavonreitz.com/dearjohn.pdf

51. Top 5 Banking Acts – UNITED STATES of AMERICA Inc Released from Bankruptcy July 1, 2013 http://annavonreitz.com/topfive.pdf

52. Kevin Annett vs. Russell Means, Leonard Peltier, and Me — Or What’s Real – http://annavonreitz.com/kevinannett.pdf

53. Many politicians are just now beginning to wake up  http://annavonreitz.com/politicianswakingup.pdf

54. America is a corporation and the state owns your children http://annavonreitz.com/thestateownsyourchildren.pdf

55. Look up Public Laws governing Citizen’s Arrest in your state; get ready to use them. http://annavonreitz.com/citizensarrest.pdf

56. The federal fiat U.S. dollar VS. The New Treasury Dollar  http://annavonreitz.com/fiatvstreasury.pdf

57. An Update from Anna von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/anupdate.pdf

58. The specific details of how you were defrauded  http://annavonreitz.com/howyouweredefrauded.pdf

59. Declaration of Law by Anna Von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/declarationoflaw.pdf

60. They cannot say that they were not told the truth!  http://annavonreitz.com/nottoldthetruth.pdf

61. The Civil Judge Advocates Council  http://annavonreitz.com/civiljudgeadvocatescouncil.pdf

62. Relief Is NOT Remedy  http://annavonreitz.com/reliefisnotremedy.pdf

63. Before Things Get Out of Hand  http://annavonreitz.com/beforethingsgetoutofhand.pdf

64. In our quest for a “JUST” Society – Judge Anna von Reitz offers the following: http://annavonreitz.com/justsociety.pdf

65. Public Order Document  http://public-order-with-cover-2.pdf

66. Public Order Timeline Document  http://annavonreitz.com/public-order-blank-1.pdf

67. Top 12 Steps to regain your Estate  http://annavonreitz.com/top12steps.pdf

68. Public Notice – Buyer Beware  http://annavonreitz.com/publicnoticebuyerbeware.pdf

68. Acting as a judge of a superior court  http://annavonreitz.com/lastmanstanding.pdf

69. Folks, think about what you are doing  http://annavonreitz.com/folksthinkaboutwhatyouaredoing.pdf

70. The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax  http://annavonreitz.com/14thamendmenthoax.pdf

71. Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/judgeanna.pdf

72. Public Notice to Law Enforcement  http://annavonreitz.com/publicnoticelawenforcement.pdf

73. Wait a Moment – How can it be illegal for people to get married?  http://annavonreitz.com/waitamoment.pdf

74. It’s In The Box  http://annavonreitz.com/its-in-the-box.pdf

75. Anna von Reitz shares an important document  http://annavonreitz.com/annavonreitzshares.pdf

76. Another Book coming from Anna von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/anotherbook.pdf

76. The “Pope” in America  http://annavonreitz.com/popeinamerica.pdf

77. The Correct Gun Control Argument  http://annavonreitz.com/correctguncontrol.pdf

78. The Diabolical Nature of What Has Been Done  http://annavonreitz.com/diabolical.pdf

79. For the [Stupid] Love of Money  http://annavonreitz.com/loveofmoney.pdf

80. Here You Go…. Hot Off the Presses from Judge Anna  http://annavonreitz.com/peaceofficerfraud.pdf

81. Birth Certificate Discussion – Part 1  http://annavonreitz.com/birthcertificatepart1.pdf

82. Birth Certificate Discussion – Part 2  http://annavonreitz.com/birthcertificatepart2.pdf

83. The Importance of County Sheriffs  http://annavonreitz.com/importanceofcountysheriff.pdf

84. Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association http://annavonreitz.com/announcementofcommerciallien.pdf

85. The actual document of the Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association  http://annavonreitz.com/commerciallien.pdf

86. Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death — Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia http://annavonreitz.com/deadman.pdf

87. New Post About Karen Hudes and “The Rule of Law”  http://annavonreitz.com/karenhudes2.pdf

88. Be aware, a huge war is going on”  http://annavonreitz.com/importantannouncement.pdf

89. So What Does It All Mean?”  http://annavonreitz.com/whatdoesitmean.pdf

90. A Reply to Karen Hudes”  http://annavonreitz.com/replytokarenhudes.pdf

91. Far Behind the Curve – For Marge”  http://annavonreitz.com/farbehindthecurve.pdf

92. Begin at the Beginning  http://annavonreitz.com/beginatthebeginning.pdf

93. An Open Letter to General Dunford and the Joint Chiefs of Staff http://annavonreitz.com/openlettertojointchiefs.pdf

94. Judge Anna on the Second Amendment  http://annavonreitz.com/secondamendment.pdf

95. Open Letter to Sheriff Ward  http://annavonreitz.com/openlettertosheriffward.pdf

96. Dear Federal Agents  http://annavonreitz.com/dearfederalagents.pdf

97. Letter to Pope Francis 12 10 2015  http://annavonreitz.com/lettertofrancis.pdf

98. Updated Live Affidavit  http://annavonreitz.com/updatedliveaffidavit.pdf

100. Letter to John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon  http://annavonreitz.com/lettertokerry.pdf

101. A Reply to Snopes and all others.  http://annavonreitz.com/replytosnopes.pdf

102. The Truth About Karen Hudes, The World Bank, and Your Gold http://annavonreitz.com/hudesbankgold.pdf

103. Solving the problem of Individual Freedom and Sovereignty http://annavonreitz.com/solvingtheproblem.pdf

104. A Message To, For, and About Great Britain  http://annavonreitz.com/aboutgreatbritain.pdf

105. Second Letter to Sheriff Ward  http://annavonreitz.com/secondlettertosheriffward.pdf

106. Response from Karen Hudes to Judge Anna Von Reitz http://annavonreitz.com/responsefromkarenhudes.pdf

107. Another note from Karen Hudes and Judge Anna’s Reply http://annavonreitz.com/anothernotefromkarenandreply.pdf

108. Criminals on Our Shores  http://annavonreitz.com/criminalsonourshores.pdf

109. Steps to Take, Who To Notify, What to Be Aware Of  http://annavonreitz.com/stepstotake.pdf

110. How you can help us make peace and real freedom in the world http://annavonreitz.com/helpusmakepeace.pdf

111. Discussion with Neil Keenan, December 22, 2015, from Judge Anna http://annavonreitz.com/discussionwithneilkeenan.pdf

112. The Truth and Thomas Deegan  http://annavonreitz.com/truthandthomasdeegan.pdf

113. Christmas message For Veterans from Judge Anna and James Clinton Belcher http://annavonreitz.com/fortheboys.pdf

114. Third Round with Karen Hudes  http://annavonreitz.com/thirdround.pdf

115. Lawful Money versus Legal Tender  http://annavonreitz.com/lawfulmoney.pdf

116. Land at peace, sea at war for 150 years  http://annavonreitz.com/landatpeace.pdf

117. Deny the crooks jurisdiction over you, and destroy their power. http://annavonreitz.com/denyjurisdiction.pdf

118. Questions for Judge Anna about the postmaster  http://annavonreitz.com/questionsaboutpostmaster.pdf

119. Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States http://annavonreitz.com/takeoverofblmfacilities.pdf

120. Final Notice of Commercial Obligation Lien to World Bank/IBRD/IMF http://annavonreitz.com/finalnoticeoflien.pdf

121. An Open Report to Pope Francis Regarding the Situation in Oregon and Other Matters http://annavonreitz.com/openreporttofrancis.pdf

122. Brief Explanation of the Fundamental Fraud Against Us  http://annavonreitz.com/briefexplanation.pdf

123. My Answer to “Snopes”, NBC, CBS, Ted Turner, and the American Press Club, Too. http://annavonreitz.com/answertosnopes.pdf

124. Today’s Missoulian about the Oregon situation  http://annavonreitz.com/missoulian.pdf

125. A Reply to Stewart Rhode’s Recommended Honorable Exit Strategy For Ammon Bundy From Judge Anna  http://annavonreitz.com/replytostewartrhodes.pdf

126. Open Swim for Lawyers!  http://annavonreitz.com/openswim.pdf

127. Was Common Law shut down years ago?  http://annavonreitz.com/wascommonlawshutdown.pdf

128. Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents  http://annavonreitz.com/tosheriffsandfederalagents.pdf

129. Questions from Montana for Judge Anna Von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/sunshine.pdf

130. Three part document on Karen Hudes by Judge Anna  http://annavonreitz.com/thirdround2.pdf

131. THE AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM FOR DUMMIES  http://annavonreitz.com/courtfordummies.pdf

132. The Lunatic Fringe Round Two, Gurus Be Damned  http://annavonreitz.com/lunaticfringe2.pdf

133. The Essential Five Second Statement of Why You Can Choose to Be Free Right NOW http://annavonreitz.com/freerightnow.pdf

134. To Betsy Hammond of the Oregonian RE “self appointed judge” showing up. http://annavonreitz.com/betsyhammondoregonian.pdf

135. This is Karen Hudes’ latest excuse—  http://annavonreitz.com/karenhudesexcuse.pdf

136. How to Restore the Land Jurisdiction Government Owed to Your County http://annavonreitz.com/restoretheland.pdf

137. About Federal Title 12 USC 95a and b2 – Who owns your property? http://annavonreitz.com/whoownsyourproperty.pdf

138. Where We Are In The Fraud Process Briefly Explained  http://annavonreitz.com/whereweareinfraud.pdf

139. Ode to Sheriff Mack — How To Get Enforcement of the Actual Law of the Land? http://annavonreitz.com/odetosheriffmack.pdf

140. The Northwest Ordinance, Federal Proprietorship, and the Western States http://annavonreitz.com/northwestordinance.pdf

141. Another American Speaks to Betsy Hammond and Provides References http://annavonreitz.com/anotheramerican.pdf

142. Why Unrest of Any Kind Defeats Both Versions of America  http://annavonreitz.com/unrest.pdf

143. Important Details for Everyone Regarding 12 USC 95a and 95 (2) b: http://annavonreitz.com/importantdetails.pdf

144. Round Four With Karen Hudes  http://annavonreitz.com/round4withkarenhudes.pdf

145. Round Five with Karen Hudes— Judge Anna, January 16, 2016  http://annavonreitz.com/round5.pdf

146. A Reply from Judge Anna About the National Debt, the National Credit, and the Pope’s Role http://annavonreitz.com/nationaldebt.pdf

147. ROUND SIX : Karen Hudes v. Judge Anna  http://annavonreitz.com/round6.pdf

148. Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature — Language and Parse Syntax http://annavonreitz.com/voidcontracts.pdf

149. Question and Answers about Freedom to Travel and Other Freedoms and Responsibilities http://annavonreitz.com/righttotravel.pdf

150. In Regard to “Burning Question” Below:  http://annavonreitz.com/burningquestion.pdf

151. Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy http://annavonreitz.com/openlettertopopefrancis2.pdf

152. Is The FBI Assembling Death Squads – Round Seven with Karen Hudes – A Commentary by Judge Anna Von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/fbideathsquads.pdf

153. Cover Letter to Pope Francis – From Anna Von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/coverlettertofrancis.pdf

154. General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. , American Armed Forces http://annavonreitz.com/generaldunfordnotice.pdf

155. Open Letter to Congress and the Federal Governors  http://annavonreitz.com/lettertocongress.pdf

156. Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES http://annavonreitz.com/noticetojustices.pdf

157. What China Can Expect and Needs to be Told – Judge Anna Von Reitz http://annavonreitz.com/chinaexpect.pdf

158. Essential Knowledge for Every American to Know from Judge Anna http://annavonreitz.com/essentialknowledge.pdf

159. Instructions Regarding “FBI” Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon http://annavonreitz.com/instructionsregardingfbi.pdf

160. WANTED: COMPETENT INTERNATIONAL BILL COLLECTORS http://annavonreitz.com/wantedcollectors.pdf

161. The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America http://annavonreitz.com/europeanmeddling.pdf

162. Answers for Tom— and the Rest of the World, Too.  http://annavonreitz.com/answersfortom.pdf

163. For Arnie Rosner– Reply to Suggestions  http://annavonreitz.com/forarnierosner.pdf

164. Is America Under a Judgment?  http://annavonreitz.com/americaunderjudgement.pdf

165. Clarification — What We Have Done from Anna Von Reitz  http://annavonreitz.com/clarification.pdf

166. There IS No National Debt Owed by Americans  http://annavonreitz.com/nonationaldebt.pdf

167. Are You Aware – This is crucial for Ammon Bundy  http://annavonreitz.com/ammonbundylawyer.pdf


22 thoughts on “Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska

  1. WOW there is so much here….#88 abolishing 501(c) 3 corporations Thank you so much Henry and Laura for posting this!

  2. So we can expect the law enforcement in this country to do this? Wake up call or not ,I sure cant see the cops and sheriffs that are enforcing the laws helps us at all! I”ve told many that if the entire country was to wake up in the morning totally aware of what was going on,what could they actually do about it? This will never be settled in the kangaroo courts that would be hearing these cases and law enforcement would protect the bad guys to the hilt! JMO

  3. Mary, any idea why this woman keeps wasting her time with sending legalese to people who care less? Does she ever state her plan for any action to actually be taken? The only progress she is most likely making is giving the custodial staff at the various gov offices a bit more paper to haul out to the dumpster. Is she just self promoting? I don’t get the point.

  4. No offense, mary, but I totally agree with Samuel.

    Communists pay no attention whatsoever to any type of documents or paperwork thrown at them. That is never fatal, unless you actually have them in custody, with the option of executing them available to you.

    The only thing they understand or respect is the barrel of a gun.

  5. “Yes, an Alaskan state judge HAS called upon the US Marshals and the rest of the “law
    enforcement agencies” to do their real job, and I am in a position to confirm it, as I am
    that judge. Your ignorance is no excuse in this matter.”
    A Reply to “Snopes” and All Others from Anna Von Reitz…..lol

  6. I just went to school reading “How the World is really run. So, if a guy takes these arguments into court, and someone musta, what happens? Anyone?

    1. If you step into their “court” you are on their playing field… literally “court for games” and by appearing, you agree to play by their rules. Step over the bar and it’s their game, truth has no bearing there. Just like the court in Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts.

  7. Because members of the general public neither speak “lawyer” nor operate their cognitive channels, they cannot determine if the government is at fault or if opposition to the government is justified. Their peripheral channel does respond to Appeal to Authority when a practicing or former judge accuses the government of illegal activity. For example, when Judge Napolitano asserted on Fox News that the federal government’s land grabs were illegal, it probably changed public perception of the Oregon standoff in favor of the patriots more than any other public disclosure. Organized violence will ultimately be required to defeat the enemy occupational government, but we need as many members of the public with us, rather than sitting on the fence, undecided whether revolution is justified. Consequently, “legalese” submissions by Judge Anna von Reitz are valuable.

      1. Well Ted, they are actually damaging when someone with no recognized legitimacy nor credentials claims to have authority. What that does serve is to demoralize and give the appearance of illegitimacy to anyone that the claimant claims to associate with or be a party to. This is the game of disinformation agents and intelligence agencies. To falsely associate with an enemy group and then publicly self humiliate with claims and other nonsense so as to appear insane, thereby also attaching that stigma to the group that the agent claims to be associated with. So, is she sincere in here actions or an intelligence asset? She doesn’t seem to be preparing anyone for the real means of enforcing the law which is through force. That leads me to believe her motivation is to further stigmatized the patriot movement.

  8. Yes, the Judge correctly states law. Now, if there is power in her abilities, she can call upon Interpol to invoke her judicial jurisdiction atop the U.S. Marshalls, because Interpol uses domestic Law Enforcers to perform real legal international Recourse and Remedy. However, those in the Patriot Movement, who three times attempted to resurrect the original United States of America, are sitting in the jail cells or they met their death. A “high-brow” approach to our State Capture situation will not be the Remedy. One must turn to Mao for the correct “procedure”… per his instructions: (1) “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” (2) A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another. THEREFORE, it appears that one must invest in “lead,” and not “leadership.”
    (9FEB2016) Reporting, R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

  9. Anna,

    My name is Ronald A. Lesnick and I am searching for your phone and mailing infirmation for Marshall Edwin Home, who resides with me and needs to soeak with ANY Private individuals willing to prepare a Sui Juris Federal Common Law Court lawsuit regarding 1983 Federal Law as in TREZEVANT vs TAMPA FLORIDA. Please call my number at 702-902-7119. Thank you.

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