Organic freeze-dried blueberries recalled over high levels of lead

USA Today

Did you recently buy freeze-dried blueberries? Double-check your kitchen.

Brandstorm Inc. said it’s recalling two lots of Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberries because they may contain levels of lead above the Food and Drug Administration’s limits, the agency said this week

The blueberries were sold in 1.2-ounce packages and feature “Best by” dates of 12/2024 and 01/2025, the FDA said. The blueberries are sold in a white and blue pouch.

Shoppers who have the blueberries should not eat them and should toss them out, the FDA said. Consumers can visit the store where they purchased the blueberries for refunds.

Consumers can check for the lot numbers and UPC codes on packages of blueberries by looking at the bottom right of the pouch.

  • Lot 2021363-1, Best By Date: 12/2024; 1 serving, 1.2oz (34g), UPC 812907011160
  • Lot 2022026-1, Best By Date: 01/2025; 1 serving, 1.2oz (34g), UPC 812907011160

Lead concerns surfaced after testing was done in a Maryland lab. People with high blood levels of lead may show no symptoms, the FDA warns, but the condition may cause damage to the nervous system and internal organs.

Symptoms of acute lead poisoning include abdominal pain, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and bloody or decreased urinary output, the agency said.

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