Osama Bin Laden Killed; Bloodlust Permeates the Streets of the U.S.

Osama Bin Laden has been killed.  Mission accomplished.  There can be no doubt to the legitimacy of this claim as it has been made by the United States government that has never, nor will ever lie to its people or the people of the world.  At least I hope so, as over the past ten years the killing of Bin Laden has been like blowing out a trick birthday candle. 

How convenient that the body was dumped in the ocean, reportedly with Obama’s birth certificate stuffed in an inside pocket.  But hey, not to worry, we have a picture.  No doubt the propagandists will wait for those who are reporting the truth to challenge the validity of the claim, after which they will whip out a picture of an Arab with half of his face blown off and declare it as proof positive, just like they did the birth certificate. 

People are cheering in the streets and the event must be considered a miracle, as if like magic the United States’ murder of three little children over the weekend has completely been erased from reality.  We got him!  We got Bin Laden!  Go team!  Halleluiah, I feel it!  The sword of the avenging angel is burning in my hands.  The rest of the Middle East is just sitting there.  Attack!  Invade!  Kill!  In the name of the Father, kill!  In the name of the Son, kill!  In the name of the Holy Spirit, kill, kill!  In the name of Jesus Christ, kill, our savior, kill, kill, kill!  Thou shall kill!

I know what you are saying, the Lord said, “Thou shall not kill” but all of that has changed.  The war pigs of the Animal Farm have changed the writing on the wall.  Killing is now benevolence and sanctioned by the Lord.  The same people that killed the three little children in Libya are the same people who killed Bin Laden, are the same people that orchestrated 9/11, are the same people that killed 100,000 innocent men, women, and children in Iraq, and are the same people who will continue to kill mercilessly any who stand in the way of their domination and enslavement of the world. 

And it is our patriotic duty to wave the American flag in the streets and chant, “Kill, kill, kill” and make every sacrifice to make sure that there is no shortage of the implements of death.  We are Christians, the world renowned cult of death.  Kill, kill, kill.  Kill their children, drink their blood.

Sweet Jesus have mercy on our victims, as we can no longer ask for forgiveness, as we now act with malice and forethought, and our souls are damned to hell.

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