“Our Next President Will Not Be Elected” Written On Cleveland RTA Trains

Published on Aug 22, 2016 by DAHBOO777

This image was caught on the side of the RTA Trains by B Rich In the Cleveland Area. The message seems a bit Ominous. I just wanted to share it in case we start seeing more, or if something happens!

10 thoughts on ““Our Next President Will Not Be Elected” Written On Cleveland RTA Trains

  1. Contact info.. Start asking questions and demand an answer.

    RTA Main Office
    1240 W 6th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    Phone: 216-566-5285
    Hours: 8a.m.-4:30p.m. Mon-Fri

  2. I said that right here neither of the candidates you see running will ever see the oval office. It was a no hitter as to assembling the facts. It was suggested that Bernie was insurer to Clinton, Trump…. the Elite amd liberals repulse him. Hillary looked good back a ways but now she is falling apart and will probably not make it to the election in November. Who is left? Should things continue I am willing to bet there is something else in the works to take care of that too. There is always a PLAN B

  3. Basically, it’s absolutely correct. Selected is not Elected, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Still, one has to wonder what the psyop behind this might be.

  4. I think this is fake, photo shopped, Why is a still used in a video format to hear himself on video. I don’t we do know this guy always tell the truth, right!

    1. It is on the trains but that’s only half the add it’s a advertising for designated survivor a new series coming out on abc next month

  5. The present comrade pofka in the oval office is pushing the US into a war with the Brown Bear controlled by President Putin. Monkey King is hoping Mr. Putin will bite at his taunts with the NATO current movements of missiles, bs taunting in Syria over US controlled and backed rebels against a sovereign president. But I believe that the Brown Bear is not so stupid…not just yet. Monkey King is hoping for a war to declare Marshal Law and a lifetime job as king to finish his agenda of destroying the current USSA.

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