19 thoughts on “Over Chiloquin today

      1. Just makes us wanna fight harder, with victory in mind. Then we’ll meet at the great Sam Whittmore Tree in the corridor of giants and honor the human giants amongst us, as well the giants who’ve passed on, named or unnamed, who gave their all for freedom!!


      2. “…We are fckd…”

        Now, now… that’s enough of that! These c*nts are going down! There is no alternative! Let the “dead bury the dead” (“vaccinated”) while we fight till victory! There are more people out there on the same side as us than you think! 🙂

  1. They’re spraying scottsdale AZ also. I forgive the pilots, negate the chemicals and desire the poison to HCQ ! I also call the governor

      1. Yeah, Henry,
        Why don’t you give Kate a call, she will put a stop to it. I can’t believe no one here thought of that.

        1. I’ve called Kate and talked to her about it several times. She says she doesn’t care for anything I have to say because I keep bringing up the rug rash on her chin. 🙂

    1. Its so f*ckin hard to sleep anymore same old broken record when you wake DFTFGSSHIT When will the enemy put his face directly in front mine so i can do damage too the enemy.

      1. Laser scope operable…. will use as necesary…. Vaxxed in the perimeter!!!!REPEAT VAXXED COMING IN!!!! OG they look vaxxed. Stay AWAY FCK!!! WAKE UP GO BACK TO SLEEP………

  2. I did my income tax in March.. The IR(FKN)S owes me money..!!. what WTF now im fkg homeless no fkg way to recieve payment HOMELESS NOTHING LEFT!!!! THERE ARE MANY WHO GOT FCKED THIS WAY!!!!!

  3. Fcken bug sprayin mtherfckers
    Every one involved right down to the Fck that drives the fuel truck for these flights
    Should all burn in hell
    If you know anything and you continue to aid this crime on humanity
    You are flirting with your own death
    Nothing they are giving you now is going to save you later
    Shooting assholes like this is too easy
    Burned alive or dismembered sounds like a good punishment for those crimes
    Stay frosty fckers
    We’re watching
    Oh and yes
    Especially the Pilots
    As they are PIC
    Pilot in command everything about that ship is their responsibility so none of this
    I had no idea bullshit
    Right up to and including the owner of said aircraft
    And , after seeing a JAL aircraft puke this shit out while on the ramp lately
    Makes me think the loading of this shit is going on in remote airfields
    And probably over there somewhere
    Range isn’t much of a problem for a flying fuel tank

    1. brings a whole new meaning to superspreader!!!! YOU F*CKIN BASTARDS ARE THE SUPERSPREADERS AN WE FCK KNOW IT EVERGREEN CARGO >>>>> WE’LL GET YOU FCKRS!!!!!! JAL!!!!!! YOU POISON US!!!!! and bring death. Death to you all as well!!!

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