One thought on “Part of the Pro-Palestine protests at UT, Why did the DPS use violence on a Reporter in Austin Texas?

  1. because that’s who/what they are. that’s what they do!!! remember.. they shove down our throats how “violence never solves anything”.. “violence is never the answer”.. that’s real funny because it’s the FIRST THING they go to! I swear to god.. why aren’t people beating back!?! why, after all this shit, do they still think they’ll “get their day in court”!! video evidence against them is no evidence at all.. “For a lack of operatives the machine would grind to a halt”.. when 1 or 2 of them don’t come home every night.. they’ll quit leaving home!! I can’t even describe the level of hate and rage I have . I’m watching White Lightning.. old Burt Reynolds movie.. and the fukin pigs in it making me sick to my stomach and that movie is 50 years old. they’ve ALWAYS been criminals.. animals.. the scourge of society..

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