Pelosi breakdown? Garbles words, mispronounces countries in short speech

The American Mirror – by Kyle Olson

Nancy Pelosi’s mission on Tuesday was to give a brief speech and not renew questions about her health.

She couldn’t do it.

During Pelosi’s brief 7-minute speech to Refugees International, the House Democratic Leader garbled names, other words and even mispronounced countries. 

She congratulated honorees for their well-deserved “resc — recognition.”

Pelosi complimented Refugees International’s “strong moral varce — voice.”

She said America “degrades our values and our security when we slam the door in the face of children freeing — fleeing atrocities.”

She botched country names as she read them from her notes.

“With the specter of famine looming in, over northeast Nigeria, Somalia, south “Sudon,” and “Yuma — Yamen,” she said, flubbing “Yemen.”

Pelosi asserted cutting the foreign aid budget would “only deepen the crisis fighting — facing the children.”

“Children, America, children need America to be their champion,” she said moments later.

Pelosi thanked Refugees International for “channeling — challenging us to honor our values.”

Just over 7 minutes after she started, Pelosi thanked the group for the invitation, stood and stared awkwardly, then made her way off the stage.

14 thoughts on “Pelosi breakdown? Garbles words, mispronounces countries in short speech

  1. Shut up NP,air head.

    You mean those poor children with beards and libido?

    Have we had enough of these traitors?

    1. I remember watching this the night it was originally broadcast – still as funny now as it was then!

      I would trade Foster Brooks for Nancy Pelosi in a fast heartbeat.

  2. There’s a time and a place for everything

    It’s time she goes to another place .. for everything

  3. I don’t know why anybody finds this so funny. It’s no different than any other words that have come out of her mouth. Ever.

      Interesting to watch the fractured fairy tales fall apart, I’m sure her handler(s) didn’t think it was too funny either

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