Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994

ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS PREPARING TO FIGHT OUR GOVERNMENT? quote from ‘On December 27th Phil Donahue weighed in with his contribution. He railed at and ridiculed the militia representatives (from Michigan, Ohio, and Montana) who were his “guests,” cut them off (in typical Donahue fashion) when they tried to answer his questions, and rolled his eyes and shook his head at their responses. “I still don’t know what the hell you’re doing in these funny outfits here,” he mocked, referring to the militia uniforms (in which producers had asked them to appear). “What are you concerned about, gentlemen? What’s going to happen? You think that the Feds are coming, they’re going to suspend the Constitution, they’re going to take your guns away. And you’re practicing and when they come you’re going to POP them …. Our government wants to disarm citizens, create a one-world government — C’MON!”‘

6 thoughts on “Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994

  1. Part 4 : Gun-grabbing ADL arrives, unlawful ‘Constitution validated, militia doesn’t differentiate between “legal” and “lawful,” Donahue defends Bill of Rights (in convoluted kind of way) militia mocked, zombie recommends Prozac for militia, voting validated, and fight about what Article 2 actually means:


    1. Just jumping in at the point where the ADL guy flaps his seditious jaws, to say, f**k that guy! F**k the ADL! F**k the gun control act! Everyone here knows the rest…

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