Police: 3 stabbed at KKK rally in Southern California

USA Today

At least three people were stabbed, one critically, near a planned Ku Klux Klan rally Saturday inSouthern California, police said.

The violence erupted between KKK members and counter-protesters in Anaheim, about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Sgt. Daron Wyatt with theAnaheim Police Department told The Associated Press.  

An unidentified Klan member was in custody after the attack, which left three counter-protesters stabbed.

A Klan member was stomped by counter-protesters during the flareup, Wyatt said. Three people were detained in that altercation.

The altercation occurred shortly after several Klan members arrived at a park for a planned rally. “As soon as they got out of their vehicle, immediately they were attacked by counter-protesters and this caused a melee down the block,” Wyatt told Reuters.

Witnesses said a peaceful counter-protest had been under way for about three hours when the Klansmen arrived in a black sport utility vehicle. After three men left the SUV and began to unload signs, about 50 counter-protesters rushed over, throwing sticks and yelling, witnesses said.

The stabbing is the latest chapter in the KKK’s nearly century-long history in Southern California. Members of the organization, known for its white robes and peaked hoods, held elected office in the 1920s in Anaheim.

In January 2015, packets containing fliers supporting the KKK and condemning civil-rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. were left in the driveways of about 40 homes in Santa Ana, about 8 miles south of Anaheim.

The fliers were headlined: “On Martin Luther King Day, you are celebrating a communist pervert.” At the bottom of the fliers came the source: “Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.”

After dips in 2013 and 2014, the number of active KKK groups increased to 190 in 2015, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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19 thoughts on “Police: 3 stabbed at KKK rally in Southern California

  1. Now we have to register all the knives.
    Why don’t we just do like the Chinese did.
    Take away all the knives and give everyone chopsticks.

    1. The most seriously wounded was stabbed by a flag pole. The Eagle got him. They must take those “dangerous” things away! 😉
      “Wyatt said four people were wounded in the ensuing confrontation.
      He said the most seriously wounded of the victims was stabbed with a flag pole that had an American eagle finial on at the top and taken to a local hospital’s trauma center, where he was listed in critical condition. Other victims were stabbed or cut with a knife, Wyatt said.”

      I agree with you. Next, they’ll be coming after our kitchen knives.

  2. I think there was a little confusion.
    They were actually celebrating the new theme ride at Disney.
    The KKK magic mountain ride.
    Gotta keep them illegals in line working at Disney.
    Keep scaring people with a boogey man.
    Be afraid be very afraid.
    The KKK is at Disneyland.
    Now crap your drawers.

    1. Walt Disney lays in rest in a vault in Florida and when they need the F’N creepest guy for the chainsaw massacre film, good ole’ Walt will be standin’ there with one hand raised, the other playing “pocket pool”, emanating creepiness, slither, and slime.
      Walt Disney, if I ever would have met him, the BFH woulda made some pulp.

    1. LOL. That’s what i thought too when I glanced at it the first time. Got my hopes up and started smiling til I read it again. Dammit!

  3. KKK?

    they still have that? I don’t believe it. I say ni%%er all the time. Never been invited to a klan meeting.

    Then again I usually call rich white people ni%%ers because the look on their faces is PRICELESS.

    I think when you overuse a word it loses effectiveness. Plus flipping the script is FUN.

    1. A few idiots still pay(and bitch) about annual membership dues of as much as $30(gasp!) to be a member of the local klavern but yes, all fed operated and controlled at the top end. You’re absolutely correct.

  4. Sounds to me like the KKK was innocently preparing to exercise their first article rights when they were attacked, and forced to defend themselves.

    I don’t give a flying f%&k what color you are, or what you think of the KKK. They have every right to dress as they choose to, and express their point of view. I’m glad they sent their attackers to the hospital.

    “Ooohhh…. we can’t have KKK rallies anymore because back lives matter, and they need “safe space”.

    I got news for you: I’m no fan of the Klan, but BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER when they’re being used like cheap whores to undermine the Bill of Rights. Anyone, of any ethnicity, race, or religion, should be mowed down as soon as they allow themselves to be USED to undermine our freedom.

    The Bill of Rights comes first, and you can cry about your skin pigment to someone else. I”m tired of hearing about your “black problems”, because you didn’t have any until the Jews taught you to cry endlessly about them instead of making something of yourselves, and being productive.

    Isn’t it odd that only the most recent president of the NAACP is black, and all previous presidents were Jews? If you’re black, you’re still in shackles because you BEGGED for them. Stop being led around by your chains and EARN some respect instead of crying for it.

    If you want “affirmative action”, act affirmatively, instead of crying like one big collective BITCH.

  5. Add one more to the list. Saw an article earlier that said four had been stabbed.

    “Four stabbed in melee at Ku Klux Klan rally in California”

    “Wyatt said four people were wounded in the ensuing confrontation. The person most seriously wounded was stabbed with a flagpole that had an American eagle finial at the top and taken to a local hospital in critical condition.”

  6. I recommend Trenchers watch any/all any video not edited for news about this “event”.

    I think it is just that. Something is rotten in Denmark to me.

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