Police Shoot Man in San Francisco – Self Defense or Execution?

There are conflicting reports coming out of San Francisco in reference to a thirty year old man who was shot by police Wednesday morning following an encounter with a co-worker at a nearby chocolate factory.  The co-worker claims that the man attacked him without any provocation, cutting him with a box cutter as he defended himself.  Then, the accused attacker fled with the person who suffered the unprovoked attack in pursuit.

Does this sound like an unprovoked attack or a distinct confrontation between two individuals that got out of hand?  The person who claims to have been attacked without reason then says he pursued his attacker.  Does this sound like the logical course that a person who has just been attacked, by what he is describing as a psycho, would follow?

Enter in the police.  San Francisco Police Chief contends that the man who was running away was confronted by police officers and that he lunged at them with the box cutter, causing one of the officers to fire two rounds into him.  The police then say they handcuffed him, after which he was rolled over, causing them to realize he was bleeding from his abdomen, inducing them to remove the handcuffs.

Now, if the man was coming at the police and was shot in the chest and abdomen at point blank range with a 9mm pistol, how did he wind up on his stomach?

A couple of witnesses said the man had been shot in the back while handcuffed.  Considering the nature of entry and exit wounds, would not the mass of the hemorrhage be at the exit wound?  Remember the police said they only discovered the wound after rolling the man over.

So I wonder, will the footage from the squad car camera and all the cameras that must be on that street, be released?  There is definitely a big difference between being shot in the front while lunging and in the back while handcuffed.  It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.

If this man was handcuffed and then executed I guess it is safe to say that we are now living in the cold war era in East Germany.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “Police Shoot Man in San Francisco – Self Defense or Execution?

  1. Why shoot the guy in the chest?, they could have just as well have shot the guy in the shoulder or blow out the guys knee caps. Like they say – the actions of one is the reflections of all- the cops that is. Deadly force will obviously not stop until us people take up arms against the agressors and those being the cops! When does the season start and where do I get my license!!!! Does it say deadly force inthe cops job description. It just seems like cops just like to shoot people, tasser , or pepper spray people for their own entertainment lately for too many years now. It`s time to stop it,or we the people should stand up and do some thing about it ourselves because the cops seem to have a license to abuse and kill. Tell me I am wrong!

        1. No. He graduated from a police academy in California over 20 years ago. Then, post Katrina, he became a reserve deputy for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (suburb of New Orleans) for A&E’s reality TV show “Lawman.” Back in January, he was sued for driving a tank into an Arizona home when he accompanied Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a raid. He’s also gotten in trouble for ruffing people up, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking.

          1. Yep, I must have been mistaken Angel-NYC. Thanks for the correction. Ruffing people up, sexual harrasment, and sex trafficking does sound like something people like that Steven S guy and others like him like the police would be involved with doesn`t it.

          2. Accompanying Sheriff Arpaio on a raid with a tank into someone’s house? Suddenly that makes me think Sheriff Arpaio doesn’t seem like a credible person to be investigating the Obama Birth Certificate issue. Just saying.

  2. Where were all the people with cell phones who should have recorded this and posted it on You Tube?

  3. Can we avoid the petty bickering, please? We’re allegedly all on the same side here, and we all have a common enemy. Let’s concentrate on that fact instead of attacking each other like teen-aged siblings.

    And get used to concentrating on that fact. To varying extents, we’re all victims of the media’s endless “divide and conquer” campaign, and we’re all going to have to learn to overcome that, and tolerate many of our differences so we can work, and fight together like a winning team.

    Thank you.

    1. As long as you got cops acting this way and you got the steve Sea-gal , george Zimmerman types it sure does Jolly Roger. You see there are pissed off people out therethat will see what these cops do and then they fly off the handle. Like a kid playing too many video games, after a while they act like it`s a game and they get out their gun or take monny and daddies gun and shoot someone and then they think it`s all right just to say I`m sorry and all is better. Like kids playing cops and robbers – only in real life when you shoot somebody and kill them you don`t get up again. your dead and that`s it. When these cops like these don`t have to pay for their actions there are a lot of people with a 12yr. old mentality that also think they can get away with murder. Like the cops in Florida that shot the guy when he opened the door and the cops didn`t even appologize when the cops found out that they had the wrong house thos cops shot the wrong man and he didn`t even look like the guy they were after – that`s where its real life. Most cops do act like they are above the law just like in a movie and they don`t seem to act like they have to pay for their actions. Yea, what`s going to happen to those Frisco cops? What they did is real life and they should have to pay with real life consequences. Them cops didn`t have to shoot that guy like they did.

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