Pollsters Scramble to Eliminate Ron Paul from Tonight’s Debate

For the past week we have observed a four way tie in the GOP polls between Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain.  These polls are phony to start with and anyone who believes them to be accurate in any way is a fool.  With Paul’s projected rise in the polls attempts were made to attack him as a front runner.  But the only thing the propagandists could attack was his platform, because Dr. Paul has no scandal in his past, and as the attack was waged the support for Dr. Paul’s platform surged.

So now with another debate tonight, the propagandists have rushed new polls to front and center, showing Ron Paul in fifth and sixth place, even behind the pathetic plastic Perry.  Any credibility these propagandists might have had left is destroyed as their polls now defy math and logic.

They say only 30% of those polled have decided on a candidate.  This being said, would this same 30% have to be polled over and over again?  These fraudulent pollsters claim a 1% or 2% margin of error.  Now we have Dr. Paul with 19% in one poll and 6% in another.  Mathematically this is impossible as there has been no scandal or anything else for that matter to affect Paul’s polling numbers.

I believe that when the attempt to attack Dr. Paul blew up in the propagandists’ faces they said,

“Oh shit.  This isn’t going to work.  We have to go back to our old strategy.  We have to get him back down to 6%.”

Second scum bag pollster says, “Artificially keeping his numbers low isn’t working either.”

First scum bag pollster says, “I know, but if we publish anything close to the true numbers we are finished.”

Second scum bag says, “The people are not going to believe Paul’s numbers going from 19% to 6% for absolutely no reason.”

First scum bag says, “We will put out two polls, one saying 9% and the other saying 6%.”

Second scum bag says, “This is still not within the margin of error.”

First scum bag says, “God damn it, it doesn’t matter.  What is important now is creating a reason for Paul to be excluded from tonight’s debate.”

Second scum bag says, “This thing is getting out of control.”

Well I will tell you what, both of you scum bags.  No one is buying your lies.  We are going to elect Dr. Paul in 2012 and put an end to lying scum bag pollsters.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Pollsters Scramble to Eliminate Ron Paul from Tonight’s Debate

  1. Truckers are writing vote Ron Paul with their fingers on the rear doors of their trailers through the dirt and grime of being on the road here back east. I hate to admit it, but one hell of a lot of these guys aren’t even American, and they STILL LOVE THE GUY. One hell of a lot of Russian drivers out here.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re back on the road. We’re having nasty weather for the next couple days. Be safe.
      Keep the peddle to the metal. 🙂

      1. Thanks Angel,

        I’ll be spending Thanks Giving in a Minnesota truck stop. Gobble, Gobble! If I’m lucky, maybe a turkey sandwich.

  2. I’m always shocked that Dr. Paul never calls out these polls as total BS, I just hope to God that the votes will be counted fairly when the real primaries start! One thing is for sure, if the Republican machine has it’s way, they will absolutely steal and cheat Dr. Paul at every turn. I still wonder about the Ames straw poll: how are we to know if Dr. Paul actually won? Caucuses are a bit harder to steal, but they did it in ’08 in Nevada and Louisiana. Hopefully, the activists in their states are much more influential this time, so that Ron’s support can’t just be dismissed!

    The national polls don’t mean a thing right now, but I know the New Hampshire polls are rigged, to some extent. Some ridiculous data comes out of that state- like Rudy Giuliani still polling in 2nd place as of this past summer!

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