Pope, US, Canadian, European leaders in court for murder, trafficking children

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This week charges of rape, torture, murder and child trafficking were filed against members of a Satanic cult referred to as the Ninth Circle. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels Belgium agreed to consider evidence against PopeFrancis, Pope Ratzinger, Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachon, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Prince Philip, members of the British Royal Family, plus prominent Canadian and American politicians and corporate officials.  

Child trafficking was believed coordinated by the Vatican out of Roman Catholic adoptive and foster care agencies and thought done for sexual abuse and financial gain. Other categories to be considered by the court against these leaders of our churches and community were institutional genocide of native children by the Canadian government and mainly Catholic Church, plus ritual killings by the Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult.

Sixteen witnesses to go before the court included former Vatican officials of the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, retired and serving police officers, indigenous Canadian native elders, a retired senior politician from England and a Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) operative. Also testifying were a former civil servant in the Argentine Junta military, a former employee of the Vatican administrative office in Rome and the sole survivor of another child sacrifice Satanic cult called the Knights of Darkness.

Prosecution began Monday for these leaders of nations who appeared to have betrayed our trust. The court was considering evidence that addressed complicity of the Defendants or their agents in the cases of well over 50,000 missing children.

The sixteen witnesses from the US, Canada, England and Holland filed their documents in the ICLCJ according to International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State prosecutors. Affidavits claimed that at least since 1956, these global leaders engaged in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child sacrifice ceremonies. The child sacrifice cult was said to be composed of global leaders who were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were thought to perform human sacrifice rites on specific Satanic dates in certain locations in the US, Canada and Europe.

The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult “began at least three centuries ago in the Vatican but has expanded to embrace local satanic child sacrifice cults across Europe and the Americas. Thanks to Catholic pressure, the Circle affiliated strongly with Nazi cultic groups that had close ties with the Waffen S.S. during the 1930’s and ’40’s, including the so-called Knights of Darkness, whose members included former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger” according to a public information bulletin update released yesterday from the ICLCJ prosecutor’s office.

This wasn’t the first time the Vatican had been accused of ties to Satanic activities. On March 11 2010 ABC News reported that the Popes’ Exocist Gabriel Amorth said that some “Cardinals didn’t believe in Jesus and bishops were linked with the devil. In 1972 Pope Paul VI talked about the ‘smoke of Satan’ that hovered in the Vatican.”

Children used in these global exploitation rings were mainly classified as throw-aways. It appeared easy for global leaders to use for their perversions, children from US, Canadian, Argentina, Holland and UK institutions, government and Catholic adoption and foster care agencies, plus US and Canadian native Indian tribes. With innocents who have no adult protectors, their perpetrators had few ways to get caught.

When word came in last March that the Vatican had released a “hit squad” to disrupt court proceedings, the date to begin was changed to April 7. The court worked in closed sessions under tight security at an undisclosed Brussels Belgium location.

The cases were being heard by five judges and 27 jury members from various countries. Prosecution was by lawyers connected to the ITCCS and organized by Canadian Reverand Kevin Annett.


7 thoughts on “Pope, US, Canadian, European leaders in court for murder, trafficking children

  1. I have mentioned this before on this subject.Why is there absolutely nothing on the Lame Stream Media about this story?I think i know.The MSM is totally involved in this criminal activity,how else can it be explained?It’s simple to understand,if the news media is involved they wouldn’t want to do news stories on these mass killings.I think any reporter on ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCFOXDEMNOW decided to do even one minute on air about these crimes,they would be quickly fired.Where would a reporter go after being fired from all these news(lies)sources?

    1. The reason why the MSM isnt covering this story is because this court has ZERO authority. Its a people’s kangaroo court. They can find all of these people guilty and sentence them to a million years in jail, but they have zero authority or power to enforce it.

      It is all a charade, and despite my disdain for the MSM I don’t blame them for not giving airtime to dog and pony shows.

  2. A lot of the worlds leaders, top bankers etc, seem to be in various secret orders, and child pedophile/sacrifice rings seem to lead to them a lot. Not a coincidence.

  3. people just don’t want to admit its happening. our local media isn’t even allowed to report it. people continue to disappear in our area and my guess is human trafficking, snuff films, satanic rituals, or run in with a sociopath(s) or all the above. the only thing that makes sense is people in high places. actually, its not a guess I just try and tread lightly but with each passing day its getting more difficult to do.

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