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  1. Prepared? Maybe, but that depends on a lot more than just owning guns and ammo:

    * Are the guns made by good manufacturers whose products have a reputation for holding up well under hard use? (For an AR-15 this means Colt, Bravo Company, LMT, and a few others. All ARs look alike, but the parts are NOT all the same quality.) You can only use one rifle at a time, so you don’t want it to break parts easily. That said, even the best guns require routine preventive maintenance and parts replacement.

    * If it’s not already there, thermal or night vision would be very good to have, even if it requires selling some guns to afford it.

    * Can the owner of those guns shoot well, and not just from the bench? A good standard is hitting paper plates on demand at 50 yards with a handgun. For a rifle, hitting a 4″ target at 100 yards should be no problem with decent ammo.

    * Is the owner in good physical condition? Able to run while carrying 50 lbs of stuff?

    * Does the owner have his load-bearing gear squared away?

    I’m not trying to rain on any parades or be a know-it-all, but this stuff is important for any newbies out there to know.

  2. not even close

    does he even have enough hands and bodies to put behind those weapons? if not , than all he has is two to three guns , he cant shoot them all..wheres his take down team? and how many of them are there

    oh, and more ammo

    1. Yes, having allies is critical. People who think they could survive SHTF (in whatever form) all alone are deceiving themselves. Everyone needs to sleep sometime. Everyone gets sick.

      If a lone wolf is surrounded and attacked by a team of armed foes, he’s almost certainly dead. The best he can hope for is to take a few with him. Having at least a couple of competent allies makes a HUGE difference.

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