8 thoughts on “President Trump Says He Would Sign Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

  1. This is so stupid
    Trump is so stupid
    The reciprocity of carrying a weapon is already covered in The Bill of Rights

    If it were just followed instead of constantly usurped
    There wouldn’t need to be any of these stupid bills
    Anything they think they can give you is something they think they can take away from you
    And that’s what they’ve been doing to us all for our entire lifetimes

    We don’t need yer stinkin bill

  2. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. see that ‘period’? That means ‘that’s it’ no ifs ands or buts, end of discussion NO INFRINGEMENT!
    The Bill of Rights IS our forever law. It is absolute. Arghhhhh… I get so ticked at these imbeciles!

  3. So I’m jus’ gettin’ ready to shred this, and come here to find it’s already well shredded. Yay!! One is only left wondering if this guy is snoozin’ with Trump and playing “guns and gadgets.”


  4. DUUUH, my marriage license is recognized across the states…
    What a bright light. (LAUGHING!)
    FK your license, your NRA, and “reciprocity”. Look up the effing DEFINITION for crying out loud!

  5. To be honest I never watched more than a couple seconds of this fools video…!

    I started reading the comments on YouTube under his video and was impressed how many people are commenting along the lines of we trenchers..!

  6. Here is my comment over there.

    Holy cow. Our lord and savior Donny T is willing to sign a paper saying that my rights will be reinstated. Well f@ck. Sign me up. I better vote for a carnival barker to run a criminal cartel in occupation of the United States corporation and to manage its bankruptcy. That way I can have some rights.


  7. Still looking for that “except for” clause/amendment in the Constitution. Cant find it anywhere in the text. Must be in-between the lines.

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