Russia: ‘Re-writing history of the Holocaust is immoral’ – Putin

Jan 27, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed any attempt to conceal or re-write the horrors of the Holocaust, labeling such attempts “immoral” Tuesday. He was speaking at an event at the Jewish Museum in Moscow marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This year has special significance because it is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army.

7 thoughts on “Russia: ‘Re-writing history of the Holocaust is immoral’ – Putin

  1. Yeah, Putin, keep the extortion going, you POS ! Like your comrades were angels, and Lenin and Stalin, saints…My grand-parents and parents and other relatives, or neighbors, told us about the discipline of the German armies and the rape, theft, crimes.etc., committed by the Red Army/Soviets. Patton was right: ” we fought the wrong enemy “…The Zionists won, we all lost…again…

  2. Yeah yeah yeah
    Gotta keep the false narratives going eh chap ?

    Lest the people find out your nothing to them
    Can’t wait for all these Castles to fall

  3. yes, Jews died but where is the outcry against the non Jewish holocausts of the past as well as today that affect millions

  4. The glaring lie reinforced again, they are chomping at the bit to make laws here that would put u in prison for even questioning the numerical demographics of their 6m Dead.

    They do this in Germany today! So much for freedom of speech.

    The House of Rosthchilds is a great read…!!

  5. This guy has bribed Trump like there is no tomorrow. Billions in interest free loans, given his sons Carte blanche in cash, gifts you name it. This Russian bolshevick backed POS is a major player in the take down of America, runs the Russian mafia, probably has bribed every POS in American politics today.

    Short pants with long power man, heavy, heavy dude…Has everybody conned….

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