Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape – by Lori Handrahan, February 14, 2017

When a University of North Dakota professor was arrested on child pornography charges, The Dakota Student asked “We can’t help but wonder if this type of thing is common in other schools around the nation?” The answer is yes. A concerning number professors and staff have been arrested for trading in brutal child sex abuse, including of infants. From University of Virginia’s Assistant Dean, Michael Morris downloading infant anal rape to Kirk Nesset, professor at Allegheny College with over 500,000 videos/images including folders called “kidsfuck,” too many professors and staff are involved in child sex trafficking.  

For the past few years I have been monitoring reports of professors and staff arrested for trading in child rape and torture; aka child pornography. My research, which is far from comprehensive, details 99 professors and staff arrested on child rape and torture, aka child porn, charges. This is a small sample and does not represent the total number of professors and staff arrested on these charges. Both the volume and type of crime should raise alarm bells. Yet academic institutions remain silent. Protect the institution, not the children, appears to be the rallying cry at far too many higher education institutions.

As you read these accounts of arrests, please remember these are real children being raped and tortured in these videos and images. American children. Perhaps, even a child you know and have no idea how that child is suffering. It might even be your own child.

Every time an image or video is shared, that child is trafficked again.

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7 thoughts on “Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape

  1. The punishment for rapists and pedophiles should only be death, the amount of statutory rape and perversion in public schools is mind blowing, I bet we all have a story in our areas, more then likely many stories. I do not have children but I speak with people that do, we are going to have to nip this in the bud, public school is evil, do all you can to get your kids out of it.

  2. These monsters include doctors, professors, lawyers. Some of them did not even get jail time! Tell me please how anyone is allowed to live after raping an infant! Parents handing their children over to be raped are the most despicable. KILL THEM ALL.

  3. “Protect the institution, not the children, appears to be the rallying cry at far too many higher education institutions.”

    Communism 101.

  4. Don’t forget these people have Idols they insist you worship. Like Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. They get most upset when you say No Gas Chambers No Houlicost, Great Anti Nazis one and all.
    A friendly reminder from a real National Socialist Trump is no National Socialist. that’s a fact
    PS Why do I listen to Henry Shively and donate once and a while.

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