7 thoughts on “The Right to Travel Shall Not Be Infringed

  1. Great rabbit hole!
    Found a great video of Dr. Fine former attorney who is fighting judges on the fact they are all on the take. They are paid or receive monies from the counties they collect monies FOR. Also you are up against a County DA Who Represents The County And the Judge Is On The COunty Payroll. All Rulings/judgments Are void due to fraud And The Judge Is sitting In A Room Of Witnesses At His Hearing For Colusion AND abuse Of Position Of Power, Etc.
    Should Get U There Half Way Down. Good Vid

    Im On A Tab That Likes To Change Fonts And Spellings At Its Will So Perhapse A Direct jewtube Video Link Would Nullify Copywrites. t

    I Think They Are Spying On Me…..
    Its Happening To All, Including The Power Brokers.

    1. Yep, tell me something I don’t know–found this out in 1994 when I was put in jail for “failure to appear”–that is, failure to pay my seat belt fine because of my “right to travel” which is a true common law but because the system is rigged against true law…well, you know the rest. And I was nursing my eight month old daughter at the time. Then I was put in jail again for, again, “failure to appear” since I still refused to pay my fine. In the case of the first jail sentence of four days, a local judge was able to get me out on a legal issue (the one time “Republic of Texas” leader Rick McLaren actually helped me.

  2. Ed. If you have ever appeared in city court to protest or get a break on
    a traffic ticket. About the time you see that the city attorney has a smirking grin on his face while he is doubling the dollar amount for the purpose reducing the civil penalties. It is hard not grab the fool by the tie and drag him across the table, to remove that smirk, and a few teeth.

    I’ve heard Mark Koernke talk about the judges and attorneys getting a kickback on every conviction. Piece work!… A dirty rotten system.

    1. someone has to pay their shitty retirement!!!
      thEy dang sure aint gonna work for a living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. We need to make them late. As in the “late DA has retired”.
        Wink nod. A little Brit humor.

    2. Yes Bob I have.
      I have yet to lose but with that said it is only fare to admit I pick my battles and I have gotten very lucky. I have a nack for getting people to say the wrong thing and for getting people to lose their cool.
      Anyone who can’t control emotions is not equipped to conduct business at any level. DAs are use to being in control and fall easy from my experience.

      1. Ed:…I didn’t say I grabbed the louse by his tie, just that it was tempting. Beside do you really believe those in court are there because had a choice? They ,”picked” their battle?
        Are you saying when you appear for a traffic violation, whether or not your guilty, YOU are in control of the DA? Please explain. I and everybody that gets trapped by these money grubbing revenue hogs, choosing to appear in court to defend themselves, would like to know your secret.
        Or ,do we just have a misunderstanding here?

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