3 thoughts on “Proof Malaysia Flight MH17 Passengers Boarded A Different Plane!?

  1. How do we know Cor Pan and his account are real.
    How do we know the ‘jew’ run facebook account was real?

    More importantly, how do we know the uploaded image by Cor Pan is authentic and hasn’t
    been manipulated?

    Daboo7 being pimped on ‘veterans’s today’ …I’d say purposeful misinfo.


    1. Yes, it would be well beyond today’s technology to put different numbers or letters on jet airliner or change the radar signature and transponder. Ponder that! 🙂

  2. Proof that isn’t proof. Unlike the live radar track of Ukrainian Jets near MH17 right before it exploded that the Russians have released compared to the “Rock Solid” crayon drawing the US is providing as Proof positive that that is was a Russian missile under direct control of Putin. Regarding those phone calls saying “oops” we shot down a passenger jet, remember how many different OBLs there were going “ooga booga” for the 10+ years since he died in 2001. These intercepted phone conversations are a joke just as the entire “Westside Story”!

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