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Today I came across a grand absurdity in the form of a quote by one Harold Nicolson, a British politician and journalist. He died in 1968, but not before writing a couple of books on (get this) the value and benefits of MONARCHY!! I do not know which of his books contained the following quote, but found his defense of monarchy to be a dutiful upholding of the lie of that institution and of all the injustices it has dealt over the centuries. I post it here to demonstrate the sugar-poison that was served. This is the quote in three paragraphs:

“The advantages of a hereditary Monarchy are self-evident. Without some such method of prescriptive, immediate and automatic succession, an interregnum intervenes, rival claimants arise, continuity is interrupted and the magic lost. Even when Parliament had secured control of taxation and therefore of government; even when the menace of dynastic conflicts had receded in to the coloured past; even when kingship had ceased to be transcendental and had become one of many alternative institutional forms; the principle of hereditary Monarchy continued to furnish the State with certain specific and inimitable advantages.

“Apart from the imponderable, but deeply important, sentiments and affections which congregate around an ancient and legitimate Royal Family, a hereditary Monarch acquires sovereignty by processes which are wholly different from those by which a dictator seizes, or a President is granted, the headship of the State. The King personifies both the past history and the present identity of the Nation as a whole. Consecrated as he is to the service of his peoples, he possesses a religious sanction and is regarded as someone set apart from ordinary mortals. In an epoch of change, he remains the symbol of continuity; in a phase of disintegration, the element of cohesion; in times of mutability, the emblem of permanence. Governments come and go, politicians rise and fall: the Crown is always there. A legitimate Monarch moreover has no need to justify his existence, since he is there by natural right. He is not impelled as usurpers and dictators are impelled, either to mesmerise his people by a succession of dramatic triumphs, or to secure their acquiescence by internal terrorism or by the invention of external dangers. The appeal of hereditary Monarchy is to stability rather than to change, to continuity rather than to experiment, to custom rather than to novelty, to safety rather than to adventure.

“The Monarch, above all, is neutral. Whatever may be his personal prejudices or affections, he is bound to remain detached from all political parties and to preserve in his own person the equilibrium of the realm. An elected President – whether, as under some constitutions, he be no more than a representative functionary, or whether, as under other constitutions, he be the chief executive – can never inspire the same sense of absolute neutrality. However impartial he may strive to become, he must always remain the prisoner of his own partisan past; he is accompanied by friends and supporters whom he may seek to reward, or faced by former antagonists who will regard him with distrust. He cannot, to an equal extent, serve as the fly-wheel of the State.”

So that is his vile conclusion. I wonder what minds were influenced by his polished rhetoric, his persuasive push to uphold something tyrannical as something beneficial to the people of the world, something ultra-spiritual and devoted to the people. He even labels it as “NEUTRAL!!” Can you imagine that. I did not read his books but ask myself if any might include just some of the atrocities monarchies throughout time have perpetuated on the people of earth. He makes the whole thing out to seem like we just can’t live without the guiding monarchical hand. This is nothing but the holding up of the edict of The Divine Right of Kings. Sickening. False. Predatory. And destined to be dissolved.

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  1. I don’t see any line drawn between monarchy and politics. They’re all workin’ together. Could be we are the ones who will shut down this monstrosity once and for all, as they do everything they can to save face and maintain control, attempting to uphold that which pushes us down. They sure are slick in their drive to keep themselves on top. Here, If you can stand just a wee bit more nuts, is young “Noah” telling us to choose monarchy. Some might need a barf bag:



    1. You know it is the monarchs who are saying these things because they know their time is up.
      The very thought that twat you dropped out of infers some privilege on you is ludicrous.
      It has only lasted as long as it has because it was beaten, raped, and pedophiled into the minds of the serfs of yore.
      All I see is that stinking fat ass sitting in his own shit, drinking the finest wine from a gold goblet, with the Cardinal’s hand on his shoulder declaring that such is God’s will, as he fills his own pockets.
      Monarchies and the corporations must be crushed if there is ever to be a free world.

      1. I fully agree ’cause the whole time I was listening to that boy-twerp I was thinking: He did not write this.


  2. Not a fan of punk rock, but I’d much rather listen to the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen, she ain’t a human being….” (and some claim she’s reptilian….) than read some trash about why we need monarchies… and former illuminati member Ronald Bernard has info on the evils of the Dutch monarchy as well (he oughta know, seeing these folks in satanic rituals as he claims in videos.)

  3. Watch the recent sci-fi series “Foundation” to see a future depiction of this very thing & where I’m absolutely sure they would love this to go if it isn’t already! I’ve enjoyed science “fiction” since I was quite young but I became aware a while back now that all sci-fi was both a metaphor for what is currently happening as well as pre-programming for things already planned to come. They just add in a little fluff about a few “good guys” who you identify with to keep you hooked in but the main social engineering & political themes are the programming – the story & the action are just the vehicle delivering them into the subconscious of the susceptible viewer.

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