Radio caller: Michael Brown rushed officer

Local 10- by Steve Kastenbaum, Holly Yan and Michael Pearson

FERGUSON, Missouri (CNN) – The Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who killed Michael Brown says the teenager rushed at him full speed in the moments before the shooting, according to an account phoned into a St. Louis radio station and confirmed as accurate by a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation.

According to the account on KTFK, phoned in by a woman who identified herself as “Josie,” the altercation began after Officer Darren Wilson rolled down his window to tell Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street.  

When Wilson tried to get out of his cruiser, Brown first tried to push the officer back into the car, then punched him in the face and grabbed for his gun before breaking free after the gun went off once.

Wilson pursued Brown and his friend, ordering them to freeze, according to account. When they turned around, Brown began taunting Wilson, saying he would not arrest them, then ran at the officer at full speed, according to the caller.

Wilson then began shooting. The final shot was to Brown’s forehead, and the teenager fell two or three feet in front of Wilson, the caller said.

The account matches Wilson’s telling of events to investigators, according to the source.

If true, the account represents the first telling of events from the perspective of Wilson, whose shooting of Brown has touched off nightly protests and violence in the suburban St. Louis city.

Earlier Monday, an autopsy conducted for the family of Brown found no evidence that he struggled with Wilson before his death, the pathologist in charge of the examination said Monday.

Dr. Michael Baden said no signs of a struggle were revealed in his autopsy of Brown’s body, conducted after an official examination by the St. Louis County medical examiner’s office.

And forensics consultant Shawn Parcells, who assisted Baden, said the findings are consistent with witness reports that Brown may have been shot as he walked away and that he was shot again with his hands up.

Brown family attorney Daryl Parks said he was particularly concerned about gunshots that medical examiners hired by the family indicate came from behind and above.

“Why would he be shot in the very top of his head, a 6-foot-4 man?” Parks asked. “Makes no sense.”

The autopsy results are the latest development in the investigation into Brown’s death, which has resulted in nightly, sometimes violent, protests in Ferguson that have prompted Missouri’s governor to declare a curfew and send in the state National Guard.

“Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard … in restoring peace and order to this community,” Gov. Jay Nixon said in a statement.

The protests have also gained international attention. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement Monday on the events in Ferguson, saying that he “hopes local and federal investigations will shed full light on the killing” of Brown. Ban called on authorities to ensure that people are able to assemble peacefully and urged law enforcement to abide by U.S. and “international standards in dealing with demonstrations.”

Gunfire, tear gas and Molotov cocktails Sunday night marked some of the fiercest clashes yet between police and protesters furious about the death of the unarmed teenager.

Autopsy findings

The family autopsy found that Brown was shot at least six times, including two shots to his head. Three of the bullets may have re-entered his body, causing additional damage, Baden said.

One wound to his arm was consistent with a witness statement that Brown was walking away and appeared to jerk, as if shot, Parcells said. The wounds to his arm could have also have occurred while he had his hands up, possibly in a defensive posture, Parcells said.

One of the bullets entered the back of his head and came out through his eye; another — likely the fatal wound, Baden said — struck Brown on the top of his head and caused irreparable damage to his brain.

Family attorney Benjamin Crump said Brown probably would have been either kneeling or bending forward when he was struck with those bullets.

Brown had abrasions on his face consistent with falling onto the ground, Baden said.

He cautioned that he needs access to autopsy results, including tests on Brown’s clothes and X-rays, before making some conclusions.

But Crump said what it already revealed offered more than “ample” evidence to support Wilson’s arrest.

“What does this autopsy say? That the witness accounts were true, that he was shot multiple times,” Crump told reporters.

4 thoughts on “Radio caller: Michael Brown rushed officer

  1. “Three of the bullets may have re-entered his body, causing additional damage, Baden said.”

    WTF does that mean? The bullets went out turned around and reentered? Is that like you hear thump, thump and back up to see what you hit?

  2. Why didn’t the death of Miriam Carey get the same analysis? The same pretentious outrage? Where were Lew Alcidor, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson then or don’t they care about black women?

    Last time I checked, 18 was the age of majority in MO. This individual was a legal adult, so stop calling him a teenage boy. He was entitled to vote, join the military, own a car, buy a house and be accountable for his actions. If those of that age are still to be considered “teenagers” and immature/irresponsible, then maybe it’s time to put the voting age up to 21 again.

  3. There is the witness report as well. Officer stopped and spoke. Officer drove off. Stop over at that point. Officer stopped, officer reversed, officer stopped to well what Remouth and go balistic at that point?? Happens very often a officer is spoke to and they go nuts. At that point it becomes self defence against a armed assalant. The computer from the car will show this! Were is that at? The police do the investigation and only show facts in there favor 99.9% of the time. That is not a investigation! With out that and a witness to that whose story must be confermed or proved wrong. It is still murder by Cop! That has best be on the table at the hearing! Or there has been a cover up and any police investigation or finding is just once again the thin blue lie,n they run on! A police investigation must be nice. It is like going to court and telling your side. Then the Judge telling the other side to set down and shut up he has heard enough already to hang you. With you never getting a word in. And that is America and ther police today!

  4. “The family autopsy found that Brown was shot at least six times, including two shots to his head. Three of the bullets may have re-entered his body, causing additional damage, Baden said.”

    Must be those new top secret boomerang bullets.

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