Ratt Bassturd Double Tap

These mountain squirrels are pretty obnoxious. They’ll try to chew and naw into your trailer at 3am which wakes me up.

I’m really cranky when I first wake up because I have a hard enough time sleeping. Throw a few shots in there..and I’m a total azzhole in that moment…then plus I have to go pee…or throw up..really bad from getting up too fast.  

The first pic is a Ratt Bassturd double tap.

The second one is the Ratt Bassturd that showed up late and crashed my birfday party late…and had too much to drink.

Gotta go….
I have to see if the gophers have eaten any of the rat poisoning.

22 thoughts on “Ratt Bassturd Double Tap

  1. Yeah, that second rat has had way too much to drink, poison.

    How’d that first rat end up with tail in one and head in the other? Amazing.

    How bout some free roaming ranch cats to help you rid these persistent rodents?

    1. I remember him saying that he would like to get a cat or two but, the eagles and coyotes get them. 🙁

  2. Nice kills flee. Nasty little peckers; people up here don’t understand when your out poppin them with a 22 or maybe some shot shells. I’ve seen them critters do some hell of a number soffets and even freeze board. Bring disease and ticks. Keep up the good work ! The only one I like to let go was a little flying squirrel which I only see once and man that sucker really could glide, was really pretty neat.

      1. When I clicked on the link, I got a screen to sign in to Facebook. 🙁
        I don’t have a Facebook account and I refuse to get one.

          1. No luck , yet. 🙁
            That link gave me a page with a variety of stories. The only photo of a cat was a Tiger with a story titled “How can you help the World’s most endangered species?”.

          2. It’s a photo I took of a rats head that I found under the truck last winter.
            A cat ate the rest.
            ‘Thank you feral cat’
            Sorry Angel, I don’t know how else I can post it. 🙂

          3. LOL
            I had a cat, here in the NYC apt. for mouse/rat control, that caught one…played/tortured it, as they do…next thing I looked down at my feet and all I saw/was left was the tail.

        1. I used to feel the same Angel. About facebook.
          Just using the enemies tools against them as much as possible.

          1. Understand and agree. Occasionally, I also view things on their site as long as I don’t have to create an account with them. However, I refuse/will not have an account with them.

      2. And cats………. Meaning that cats also helped maintain das parasite rats with tiny black frisbees on their heads.

  3. We started with 2 pair of feral cats, and are now at the 50+ amount. No rats no mice, the coyotes can’t keep up, the sheep are happy, mommy loves cats, everyone is happy. Except me, the cat food bill is close to $400 a month. Anyone need feral cats shipped nation wide in a one-rate box?

    1. LOL
      That’s out of control, man. 😆 Way too much pussy.
      You have to control the population, just as you control the population of your livestock.

  4. These things don’t scare me much.
    I can handle them.
    It’s the thieving lying surface dwelling feral earth inhabitants that concern me.
    But they’ll meet the same fate.
    Because I have traps for them too.

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