Read the Alert Issued By the FBI Warning of ‘Middle-Eastern Males Approaching Families’ of Military

The Blaze – by Oliver Darcy

The Denver division of the FBI issued an alert to law enforcement in Colorado and Wyoming over suspicious behavior from “Middle-Eastern males” who have approached families members of military personnel in recent weeks.

The bulletin, issued in July but only attracting attention in recent days, cited an incident when the wife of a military member was “approached in front of her home by Middle-Eastern males” who told her that she was “the wife of a US interrogator.” The alert said when the woman denied the claim the “men laughed.” The individuals eventually left the area, but were seen in the area on other occasions, according to the bulletin.  

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The FBI added that similar incidents were reported in Wyoming throughout June.

“On numerous occasions family members of military personnel were confronted by Middle Eastern males in front of their homes,” the alert said. “The males have attempted to obtain personal information about the military men’s family members through intimidation.”

“The family members have reported feeling scared,” it added.

The FBI said in the bulletin that the men have not been identified and urged individuals to report “concerning additional incidents.”

The Islamic State terror group has on several occasions threatened to strike military members in their homes. In March, a group calling itself the “Islamic State Hacking Division” posted a list of addresses purportedly belonging to approximately 100 military members. The group called for their beheadings, saying it leaked the information “so that our bothers residing in America can deal with you.”

TheBlaze reached out to the FBI and will update this story if the agency provides any additional information.


6 thoughts on “Read the Alert Issued By the FBI Warning of ‘Middle-Eastern Males Approaching Families’ of Military

  1. Put a bullet in one of those “middle eastern-looking” people and get a DNA swab from their corpse – bet they’re Jooz.

  2. I’m sure they’d never get a “Red alert” flyer if they were being visited by Israelis. You know, the guys who actually walk into the front door, no questions asked and steal every one of our secrets in every government intelligence and war agency in the country. Surely they can’t be a threat to National security, military families or the American people in general.

  3. Presuming they are indeed middle-eastern, be sure to dip your bullets in either pigs blood or bacon fat. Again, presuming they are ‘middle-eastern’, that should send a bit of a shockwave through the minds of the others.

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