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  1. I suspected that Markus Allen’s presentation would be an infomercial, just by the way it was formatted. When I saw all the places Markus claimed to travel, I questioned: “Where does he get the money to visit all these exotic locations, legitimately?”

    Marcus Allen is just another venture capitalist, like Alex Jones, who has had a Mr. Obvious moment,,, not a revelation of the truth. He’s found a way to get people to perceive they have received the truth… for a price. However, anyone can come to the same conclusions he did, by training your senses to dissect both sides of the coin and, discern the facts, verses disinformation.

    You can’t find the truth by segregating the diversities of people and only talking to people whom see the World the way you do. For example: A man should not marry a woman because she “thinks” the way he does; if a husband and wife think the same way, then one of them isn’t necessary. Even the Laws of Physics tell us that ‘opposites attract’.

    This site provides one of the best cross-sections of minds. The people posting here also recognize the fakery of reality but still choose to investigate these dubious facts rather than just sweeping them under the carpet… and it’s free !

    BTW: I ‘ve know several NASA Rocket Scientists (laid-off after the Apollo Missions ended). These individuals are exceptionally brilliant; however, some of them also reside on the borderline of insanity.

    I want to point-out Markus’ error with the Apollo Moon Landing Hoaxes (starting at 3:36). He is correct in stating that we DID NOT land men on the Moon; however, his assertion of the dissimilarities of the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module), is wrong. The LEM with legs, is shown before landing; the LEM object without legs, is returning from the Moon to the Command Module. Furthermore, his misguided question regarding who filmed the LEM: One astronaut remained in the Command Module when the LEM (with the other two astronauts) “allegedly” descended/ascended to/from the Moon’s surface.

    Marcus Allen was correct about his VAULT website theme: If you really want to know the truth, then question EVERYTHING.

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