Reid Bunkerville Maps

I apologize for the hand writing, I have not had time to type anything. This is only one section of land, touching Bunkerville, I know if I dug deeper, the rabbit hole would get bigger. As time allows me I will, it will just take a lot of time, research always does.

Hopefully someone (retired) with time on their hands can take this info and dig deeper. If you google, Clark County, Nevada Assessor, you will get the screen where you can look property up by parcel number, name or Section, Township, Range.  

If anyone living in the area, Las Vegas could find someone to look up deeds at the courthouse that would be wonderful!!

Here is the PDF with notes:  Reid Bunkerville maps

13 thoughts on “Reid Bunkerville Maps

  1. Good work Missy,

    Thank God we have smart people like you around here. I hope you washed your hands after you finished with this filth. Dirty Harry’s biotics are friggen dangerous as hell.

  2. Sorry it is so crude, Research just takes time, working 8 hours a day, an abstract of Title can take months. I just wanted you guys to see right around Bunkerville, the big landowners. The Leavitt name is also involved somehow, they are linked with Cedar Dev. Corp. I will continue to do research as time allows me, I would like to plot more sections of land, not just section 26. I noticed Cedar Dev. had property in Section 25, 37, 40, and others.

  3. WOW! Excellent work, Missy. I don’t even know how to begin to say thank you. This is amazing! Glad we have you here to help us. I can’t thank you enough. This is definitely a good start. Especially with the part that says that one company was sued by the Chinese.

    1. Thanks NC, like I said it needs a lot more work. That was only a couple of hours yesterday. I will have to work on it on the weekends and when I get a chance. I just saw that Susan Duclos did a really good job on identifying the land owners, I just think there are more rabbit holes to dig up. I want to do a huge map, all of them taped together and identify the landowners that way, then maybe plot it on a mapping program somehow. I am going to work on that!!

  4. How this shit gets blocked is beyond me. Dirty Harry manages again to dodge a bullet.

  5. Do this corps own the property with the original land title…. If so, they will not pay any property taxes…..I believe it is called adioltial title…. sorry for the spelling…. These people are the lowest scum of the earth and need to be put in their place…..

    1. The federal government bought out the other ranchers land. There is one parcel left at 600 thousand acres of BLM land that Bundy resides on. He is the last one in the way of the Feds plan (Harry Reid) to monopolize.

      ” Bundy claims that other ranchers were bought out by the federal government. He is now the last remaining rancher left on a 600,000-acre portion of land known as Gold Butte, managed by the BLM. Bundy said he attempted to make payments to the county, as he’d done in the past until the BLM unilaterally took over, but the county turned him down.

      Bundy’s family has raised cows on the land since the 1870s. The BLM was established much later in 1946. Cozy with federal judges, beginning in 1998, the BLM began to get rubber-stamped court orders requiring Bundy to remove his animals.”

    2. I hope I am answering your question correctly, they are not the original patentees. Some of their assesments have back Title, some don’t. The issue is, the County Recorder does not let their deeds be viewed online, so it is hard to run their Title without viewing the deed. I am pretty sure they will all have “good” title, atleast in the eyes of the “law” even if it was shady deals or stolen from people. These lawyers write up Title deeds and they pay off a few judges, presto you have “good” Title. A Judgment signed by a Judge will always stand up in court.

  6. A crook is A crook an this GOVERMENT STINKS so bad my space on this line is not far enought apart ..We the people need to stand an get our freedom back no more slaves ..All my familly have ranched farmed and raised cattle so long its not even on record lol ..We need to take back what this lawless againt the people law breakers have taken…

  7. this doesnt even scratch the surface ( dont get me wrong Missy keep up the good work)

    Our natural resources are being mined right out of OUR countries lands by this government and we the people are getting nothing out of it.

    look at how many mines are just in the state of Nevada..and who ownes them all

    its not us, its not even American companies

    the mines I speak of, are precious metal , silver etc..

    How much you want to bet if you dig deep into that Missy you will find a bunch of crooked politicians lining their pockets there too

    Our land, Our resources and wealth..sold off to make one or few men rich, and sold to another country.maybe even one that is against us..all sold out by those put in positions to do the peoples work, as they do nothing for the people and everything for their bank accounts

    dont trust me, go look yourself..

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