Armed, Naked Homeowner Bests Intruder

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

On April 29th, Point Loma, California, resident Keith Groves climbed out of bed naked, retrieved his handgun, and confronted the burglar who had broken into his garage.

According to ABC10 News, “Groves heard a crashing sound and then another at 4:22 a.m.” He “looked out and saw that the garage door was open and [his] kitchen window was broken.”  

That is when he retrieved his handgun and headed to the garage.

Said Groves, “I went outside with no clothes and saw this guy standing in the garage and I confronted him, tried to be as bad-looking as I possibly could, probably pretty funny-looking.”

Groves said he “yelled real loud to [his] neighbor, ‘Joel, call the cops!'” He then held the burglar at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Groves had a ’32 Ford Roadster “in mint condition” in his garage.

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