Remembering Ruby Ridge: Loving America Isn’t a Crime

Blue State Conservative – by Justin O Smith

“As the bullet crashed through her head, she slumped to her knees, holding Elisheba so she would not drop her. We took the baby from her as she lay dead and bleeding on our kitchen floor.”   ~ Randy Weaver speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 6th 1995

Almost thirty years ago, standing in the doorway of her home, Vicki Weaver, a Christian mother who never supported white supremacy and racism — contrary to all the popular propaganda reports, was murdered by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi on August 22nd, 1992, while she held her ten-month-old baby girl, and it’s a scene that’s forever etched in my brain as the news reels flashed the FBI assault on Ruby Ridge across America, a day that seemed to be the start of a new level of deep callousness and disregard for the lives of innocent American citizens.

Her murder, as well as the murder of Sammy, the Weaver’s young 14-year-old son, set a sort of precedent for what was to come, as documented, for the murders of American patriots, such as LaVoy Finicum and Ashli Babbitt, for simply taking a firm and peaceful stand for our Inalienable God Given Rights, and leading us to the unseemly juncture in time where, according to the Veritas Project, patriots are now deemed by the FBI to be “Militia Violent Extremists” (MVEs) for something so innocent as flying the Betsy Ross and Gadsen Flags that are an integral part of the American psyche and everything associated with our proud American heritage and traditional America.

Along with this, over the decades the FBI has largely become the domain of weak, feckless, self-serving agents who, for one reason or another, have strong loyalties to the “elites” of the Democratic Party, probably because many of them, like Peter Strzok, have received socialist-leaning educations form schools like Georgetown University or Chicago Law School, James Comey’s old alma mater. And as such, of late, it has also become commonplace to see them abuse their authority and power to commit illegal acts, up to and including interfering with the U.S. federal election process, committing perjury themselves under oath, and manufacturing false crimes against political opponents, having allowed themselves to be weaponized against conservative America.

James Comey refused to recommend Hillary Clinton for prosecution, even though it had been quite clear she committed a federal crime by transmitting thousands of top secret emails to her private server and had been at the helm of arms deals for Al Qaeda in Syria, through Marc Turi, and lied about both issues in testimony before Congress. How different they acted with General Michael Flynn when they set a perjury trap for him, in order to hurt him and have him step down as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

On July 25th, America heard news that many had long suspected. The FBI had essentially covered up hard evidence proving they knew the Steele Dossier smearing Pres. Trump was false when they presented it to the FISA Court, as well as the fact they had also covered up hard evidence the Hunter Biden laptop was real and all its associated damning evidence; the latter was largely the dirty work of Timothy Thibault, Special Agent in charge of the D.C. field office, who ordered all information suppressed that reflected poorly on Hunter Biden a month prior to the 2020 election, even though the information had been properly verified by the FBI.

For the most part, most conservative and independent Americans aren’t against government intrinsically, but we are against Big Government and we’re against tyranny. And we especially don’t like it when we see the federal government overreaching its authority and threatening, intimidating, harming, and even murdering our people when they’ve committed no crime and done no real harm, much as we saw in the cases of Cliven Bundy, Lavoy Finicum and Ashli Babbitt.

Cliven Bundy and his family had long been targeted by the federal government and he had been fighting them over property rights for nearly twenty years when the fight intensified in April of 2014 and went on until 2018 when a mistrial was declared after it was learned that the prosecution had withheld approximately 3300 documents from the defense. And most troubling, it was also revealed that the Bundy’s had told the truth when they first alleged that FBI snipers had set up positions all around their property before thousands of their friends arrived to prevent the Bureau of Land Management from illegally seizing their herd of cattle, and the Bundy’s had acted in self-defense.

And who can ever forget Robert LaVoy Finicum, another amazing American patriot who stood in the gap between freedom and liberty for property rights and all the other Inalienable God-Given Rights that we all have and hold?

On a lonely stretch of U.S. Highway 395, LaVoy Finicum, spokesperson for the Bundy group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a grandfather, rancher, and an American patriot, was murdered by the FBI and other law enforcement agents on January 26th, 2016, after repeated FBI assurances that he and his fellow protesters would be given safe passage to leave at any time. The murder of LaVoy, who was peacefully protesting the incarceration of Dwight and Steven Hammonds and in defense of the U.S. Constitution and our sacred rights, ever mindful of the fact he was armed as was his right, spilled the kindred blood that flows in the veins of all American patriots.

As a bit of an aside, although Ashli Babbitt’s murder was committed by Lt Michael Byrd, a Capitol police officer, it exhibits the endemic problem one finds in heavy Democratic Party-controlled areas like D.C. — the same as seen throughout the ranks of the FBI —  with the known bias against conservatives, especially Trump supporters like Ms. Babbitt, a 14 year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Ms. Babbitt, at 5′ 2″ and 115 pounds, was trying to control violent protesters, and she was unarmed when she attempted to pass through a broken window of a door inside the Capitol Building after several police officers stepped aside and seemed to have no real concerns over her actions. And then she was shot without warning, from all the evidence, despite Byrd’s claims to the contrary, after which, there was only a cursory in-house investigation without any independent outside investigation and Byrd’s “exoneration”.

And then of course there are the plots that come about these days, too often at the insistence, planning, and urging of the FBI, to entrap basically stupid people by pressuring and cajoling them along until they agree to commit some crime, in classic cases of entrapment, such as we saw with the plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan. Along that same vein of thought, many are pointing at the FBI as largely inciting the January 6th riot, using FBI informants and Black Lives Matter members, to prod and urge others to breach the Capitol Building.

Randy Weaver was simply a Christian man, a former Green Beret who had moved his family to Ruby Ridge, Idaho because he believed the world was just more corrupt and dangerous a place than he wanted his children to have to see. He held anti-government views but he wasn’t a white supremacist or a member of the Aryan nation as alleged by government prosecutors.

He was shot that same August day as his wife Vicky, and he survived to beat the weapons charges that had essentially been manufactured against him and proceed to win a hefty settlement from the U.S. government for his three daughters, in the sum of three million dollars. But that’s not nearly enough for the lives cold-blooded FBI agents took so unnecessarily when all was said and done.

As hundreds of people currently sit in jail for supposedly joining in an insurrection on January 6th, many left there without bail for months, Randy Weaver’s words from his 1995 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee take on an even greater significance as he exclaimed:

“[The U.S. Marshalls and the FBI] were under direct orders from Washington to do nothing to injure the children. They were to have no contact or confrontation with me or my family. They killed him [Sammy] anyway in violation of their orders. …

Nothing I did caused Federal agents to violate the Constitution of the United States. I did not cause Federal agents to violate the oath of their office. My actions did not cause Federal agents to violate State and Federal law. My behavior did not cause Federal agents to violate their own agency policies. Federal agents admitted to illegal acts.

Judge Freeh, the head of the FBI, has made statements to the press that the so-called rules of engagement were unconstitutional. Federal agents have tried to cover up their illegal actions. That was their choice, not mine. I have been accountable for my choices. They should be held accountable for their wrongs. But no Federal agent has been brought to justice for the killings of Sam and Vicki Weaver.

In fact, agents of the FBI have been part of the coverup of what really happened. One, after flunking a lie detector test, has admitted shredding documents that might clear up who authorized the death warrants on my family. I feel I have a right to know who gave the shoot-on-sight orders and who approved them.”

Take all of this together and one might reach the conclusion — one should reach the conclusion — that the Federal Bureau of Investigation acts entirely too much like an all-powerful enemy from within who is above the law and empowered by its corrupt head to act in as illegal a manner as it chooses on any given day. This is the sort of institution that has no place in a free society where human rights are supposed to be respected, protected, and defended, and it’s long past time that the American people close the doors of this disgusting beast as soon as possible, immediately, especially since the state agencies are quite capable of protecting the American people.

The FBI has deemed symbols from the days of America’s first fight for independence to be a sign of “militia violent extremism”, and all I can tell them is that I’m as adamant and fiercely determined to live free as anyone they’ll see, and if it’s “extreme” to defend and protect freedom and liberty in America, I’m as extreme as one will meet. And in the face of the exhaustion of all peaceful avenues and any out-of-control federal or state government that attempts to use force to violate my rights, the rights of my family, and all Americans in any immoral, illegal and unconstitutional manner, I absolutely will use violence with extreme prejudice to remain free, just as all free men will do, when left with no other recourse.

For a man to take a strong and righteous position based on the right and the wrong of a thing, regardless of the politics it brings, only seems to be considered “extreme”, by the Biden regime, when it supports America’s Christian and Western principles and America’s founding principles of freedom and liberty.

Call this “extreme” if you will, but rather than a vice or a crime, the defense of freedom and liberty under any set of circumstances is a virtuous act of honorable men and women; and for those who may think otherwise, I suggest you are cowards in waiting for your chains — no — begging for your chains and a smile from your soulless masters, so pathetic.

Damn the FBI and damn Joe Biden and his Marxist / Maoist regime that has weaponized the FBI, the IRS, and the Department of Justice against good, honest and decent conservative and independent Americans whose only “crime” is loving America.

If this somehow offends or threatens Christopher Wray or Ol’ Red Joe, they’re invited to swing on by and see me. I’m the one flying the Gadsden Flag alongside the American Flag in distress. I’ll be waiting.

Blue State Conservative

4 thoughts on “Remembering Ruby Ridge: Loving America Isn’t a Crime

  1. we are to be feared , and more so now, more than ever!,..because they lay at our feet the reasons …daily .

    how much more! … when?

    also , dont forget Randys sons dog they also murdered on that day ..( just sticking up for those who cant)

    no quarter mother fckers …freakin zero ,..death to the EFIO

    1. We asked them nicely to leave us alone, they refused. We begged and pleaded with them to leave us alone and they keep turning up the thuggery. Once this breaks wide open, no quarter will be given, no mercy will be granted, they will be dragged out their homes with their entire families and put down, HARD, in the streets

    1. Calling our people citizens instead of the American nationals that we are is an indication of an acceptance to slavery, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

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