US City of Los Angeles Proposes Banning All New Oil, Gas Extraction: Draft Ordinance


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The second largest US city Los Angeles proposed banning all new oil and gas extraction, local authorities said in a draft ordinance released on Tuesday.

“Today, Los Angeles City Planning released a draft ordinance that would prohibit new oil and gas extraction, phase out existing extraction operations, and protect the public from the range of risks and hazards associated with oil and gas extraction,” the statement said.
In Los Angeles, there are 26 oil and gas fields and over 5,000 oil and gas wells – some active, others idle, and some abandoned, according to the statement.

Los Angeles Planning Director Vince Bertoni in the same statement said the city is putting an end to oil extraction next to homes, schools, and child care centers to truly lead in the field of sustainability and fight systemic injustice.

“Not only did we witness firsthand how the pandemic impacted underinvested communities, but we were reminded of the harsh consequences of climate change,” Bertone said.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said phasing out oil and gas drilling in Los Angeles is the result of dedicated work by the city attorney’s office and planning department.
“Today, we’re sending a clear message: dirty energy production has no future in Los Angeles,” Garcetti said in the release. “We are one step closer to getting toxic fumes out of our frontline communities.”

In January, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to phase out drilling in the city, a move well received by environmental justice activists who have been pushing for the restrictions for years.

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