4 thoughts on “Revolution topples Kazakhstan government in less than 24 hours

    1. I curse the lying media, that they never bring the real truth of events like this. And who can so prematurely claim this is only good ole’ Georgie Soros doin’ his domination dance? What a mishmash.

      No way to yet tell if this is authentic uprising or controlled opposition. Maybe it’s a little of both. I’m guessing it’s not just about gas prices but also the hoax and its jab tyranny. Sputnik reported that police have been beheaded.

      And can’t dismiss all that oil in The Caspian Sea snuggled under Kazakhstan and next to Iran, a great enemy of Israel. Hmmm…

      As the dust clears we see what we’re left with. Who’s runnin’ what, and if others were awakened into uprising. May those hell-bent on freedom come out on top.

      Is this the beginning of it? Will we know it when it’s happening? Every individual decides the moment of engagement. For many, it began long ago.


  1. Taka a good look at Astana Kazakhstan from satelite and just look at all the interwoven symbology. Just sayin’


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